Monday, February 28, 2011

Maybe all it was...was the goalie!

- Chris Phillips thinks so!

- Our squad looks pretty light (and cheap) right now but that's OK it will make room for some guys out of camp next fall has got to be "performance based" no matter who the guy is or how much he makes!

- When your goalie is as good as Anderson he can yell at his defencemen and they better listen or else...excellent for the new kids!

- Potulny may just be a late bloomer and he will be competing for a spot with all our picks and American's all about who has NHL hands (like Butler)...

- "Rocco" likes being truly the man and will do a good job leading these young pros...

- Still like Alfie as the Playing Coach...come on lets have some fun, ya coach the defence and let the forwards run...

- All in all, one has to let "Bryan" have a shot at completing the job!

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