Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hopeless...let's fall to last overall!

- Listening to the "Voice", in "the theatre of the mind" beats having to watch...

- Gord, there is only one "Ten Bell" save per game...haven't heard that term since the Sixties...

- "Rocco" should not get Alfie's PK minutes...ya don't waste what little offencive energy you have on defence (the PK)...if ya want give him 20 minutes run him through two lines every second cycle!

- "Legs" is trying, he held 'em in there for two periods. I'd continue to let him play...losing is good for the "Soul"...

- Greg...try and even out a 55 penalty (the Calgary/Ottawa differential) plurality over the last 27 games...I don't even want to know what Tranna's is!

- This is so we cannot take the chance of letting "Bryan" retire!!


  1. Nik:

    Is it the players or the coach? Maybe we should hire Jacques Lemaire - look what coaching can do to a team's fortunes (though it would make for boring hockey!)

    Flashes of what Lehner will be (if he doesn't get "wrecked"): the kid is close, but not ready for primetime yet - more seasoning required in the A. Love to see him not give up on plays, but he gets out of position too easily - looks like shades of Hasek, except Hasek was always in the middle of his net!

    I wouldn't be surprised if Alfie hangs it up. When the body can no longer do what the mind wants, it's hard on the "ego". It would be a shame to go out on such a low note, but the next few years don't look any more promising as we speak ....

    Keeping Bryan has forced the organization to have him thru the deadline and the draft - no way they could hire someone and that person assemble a "team" in time. I think the Eug still has confidence in him! (maybe it's a case of the devil you know is better than ...)


  2. BMil was allegedly overheard talking to someone about how he plans on using this year's first to scoop up the next "Jim O'Brien". Yikes!!

    Hopefully we'll finish last or 2nd last so we can scoop up this year's top forward propect: RN-H. If not hopefully we don't slip out of the top 4.

    BTW, it's ridiculous to say "no way they could hire someone...". Teams do it all the time. And if anyone, especially Melnyk, still have confidence in him... well, there's your problem right there.


  3. @pg:

    Please give me an example, if teams do it all the time as you claim.

    It's become an organizational problem. You can't expect them to hire someone and have a new scouting/drafting team in time, unless you want a half assed job. If someone is hired to look over BM's shoulder, imagine the dysfunction going forward. It's an all or nothing proposition, and the clock is past midnight now.

    And I do agree with you. BM must go. If Eug still has all his trust in BM, the organization is up a (@#$%) creek ....