Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What do we need?

- Next year, we need a goalie with some luck! And we all know you have to be good to be lucky!

- We need another defenceman, who can skate like "EriK"...(our other Swedish D-man)

- We need JC to replace Phillips and I mean to play better than him.

- We need a sniper for Rocco, Foligno could/can cary the second line...

- We need Fisher to retire to Nashville...

- We need 9MM to put exactly 10% more curve in his blade...it will be at least 10 more goals...

- We need the two new Alternates to be Campoli and Rocco...

- We need Gonchar to start to work on his speed again, he usta be one of the fastest D-men in the League...

- We need to move Kuba out of the room...How???

- We need Alfie to play with his 5 wood only, all next summer 'till he gets his feel and accuracy back...that's at least 4 games where he has the tier or winner on his stick late and can't cash in!

- We need to spend our money judiciously, it's easy to throw big money at players who are not worth it!

- Next year, we need to bring the best team out of training camp, I mean the best goalie, the best 6 defencemen and the best 12 forwards...the merit principle!

- We need to let Rocco choose the next head coach!

- We need "NOT" Pierre "F" McGuire! I'd keep the Murray family.


  1. So disappointing to hear you say you want BMilbury and his chronies back, Nick. Guess you bought into the "it Muckler's fault bs". Muckler is not without fault, that's for sure, but Bmil is the one who traded 1 1st and 2 2nd round picks (in a year when the playoffs were already guaranteed) for a net result of... Campoli. Absurd contracts to Spez, Fish, Heater, Alfie, Kovalev, Gonch, Neil, Kelly (off the top of my head) -most with NMCs. His trades have been largely abysmal, and his free-agent signings horrible. Much of the responsibility for the trades and signings falls into TMil's lap, I believe (but could be wrong), as asst gm he is largely responsible for the pro scouting dep. Almost forgot the fact that 4 coaches have been behind the bench since he took over, not one has worked out. And he has not drafted or acquired ONE good forward propect.

    Most importantly (to me and most fans), this team, under Bmil, has gone from being a fast, young, dynamic, exciting team to an old, slow, unskilled, overpaid, boring sack of shit. Most nights the game (and team) we love so dearly, is, literally, difficult to watch.

    So why do you want these guys back? It would be literally impossible to do a worse job.

    And don't dread Macguire, it's pretty much a done deal already, we don't want to start things off on the wrong foot now, do we?


  2. I agree with Nik here...Murray was praised for most of the deals when he made them...did anyone predict Fish nailling Pascal in the face TWICE??? Look at the minors in the short time they've had; look at the cap space opening up; the drafting potential this year. Who else do you want chosing a top five pick? A new management and scouting team? No thanks.

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    No thanks.

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    No thanks Pierre!

  5. I'm certainly not pierre macguire. He's too busy prepping and watching games and talking to players, coaches and management to spend time on sens blogs.

    Who praised Bmil for "most of the deals"? Surely not anyone who watches the sens from even a mildly objective viewpoint. Besides, it doesn't matter how they LOOK at first, it matters how they turn out. It's his job to evaluate the talent going each way and determine how it's going to work out for us. Long term. Its not his job to make trades that "Sound" good`, its his job to make trades that are good for the team long term (or sometimes short).

    And yes, I most definitely do want a new management team taking over the DAY the season ends. If Bmil and his gang of chronies handles the draft, we'll end up with the guys with the most grit and character instead of speed, skill, and potential.

    How can any sens fan want these assholes that destroyed our team to handle the draft? What could they do that they haven't already to convince the remaining Bmil loyalists of his complete incompetence?


  6. And Nik, Foligno can never "carry" the second line. I like the guy too, and maybe when he's at the top of his game he can be a fringe 2nd liner, but carry it? Seriously?


  7. pg

    It's evolution, the young get better, stronger (#71) and the old guys just fade away...except for GMs who just get better...let's hope!

  8. I'm not ready to condemn Murray such harsh terms yet pg...

    Yes, he has had a hard time getting a coach that can handle this group of players.

    And yes, his trades have mostly gone bad and his higher profile free agent signings haven't really panned out. He has to own much of this record.

    I think about half of the issues have been due to bad luck, whether due to injuries or chemistry/attitude problems. Any trade or signing is always a gamble and many do not pan out. With a bit more luck, on a team with better chemistry and morale, things could have also gone the other way.

    And who doesn't overpay for the more sought after free agents, especially when you have the green light to spend to the cap?

    My biggest beef was the trading of picks for rentals. To some extend most GM's are guilty of this when they think they have a chance to make it a round or two in the playoffs.

    The strategy has been to rebuild slowly while trying to remain competitive. I just don't think they realized how messed up this team was after Muckler and the '07 SCF's. I think I would have put more emphasis on the rebuild early, but I'm sure there was a lot of pressure from ownership to keep the fans in the seats and try to squeak out as many home playoff games as possible.

    In terms of scouting and drafting pg, I disagree with you completely. Binghamton has a pretty good team now. It's taken a few years, but they are competitive again, and I think the Murray's can take full credit for this. They have an elite goalie prospect,and some fantastic defensive prospects.

    Other than a few long shots and the still considerable upside of Foligno and Regin, we don't have much in the say of top six forwards. And I know that is the main priority to be addressed in this year's draft, as well as any trades or signings going forward.

    Though it may be time at the end of the season for BM to step back a bit and take on more of a consultant role, I have total confidence in his drafting ability going forward.

    And I'll also say no thanks to Pierre McGuire. The man may be a hockey genius for all I know, but if he comes across as as much of a douche in person as he does on TV, he's not GM material in my humble opinion.

  9. So we're all in agreement that Bmil has made bad trades, coach hirings, free-agent signings, has traded away high draft picks for nothing and that there's bad chemistry in the room. And he's drafted fairly well. This, IMO, does not add up to having a contract renewed in the best, most competitive hockey league on the planet. This would not add up to an extension in junior for that matter.

    I'm not saying I'm dying for Macguire to be the next gm, just saying that from what I've heard (from people who have absolutely NOTHING to do with hockey), that he's certainly the front runner. But I certainly would take Macguire, and his pasion, knowledge and love of the game over the GM who has done almost nothing right since he's been here.


  10. Men:

    Bryan has been down this road before and he knows there is no short cut...just like Nissan, Ottawa cannot do the Hy-bred, the half way fix, it's the full "Electric" SUV, the Sens keep the bear skeleton (the frame) and fill in with young, talented, eager kids (Draft/Trade/Promote/Steal), who want to progress and win together...it's at least a two (2) year program...