Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let's watch the dirtiest team in the league beat Tranna!

According to a general consensus of the current NHL ZEBRA, Ottawa Senators are the dirtiest team in the league when they play Tranna and otherwise also...

Anderson will block 52 shots, kill 5, maybe 6 penalties and beat the Leafs, Burkie and his Zebra 4 to 1 right in Tranna...

There might be an obvious off side or two thrown into the bargain!

Love the way the/our unbiased announcers, night after night, have to remind us it all evens out over 82 games, if Milan says it one more time I am going to kick him in the shins...hard...

Bring on Bob Cole, he will think and we shall agree, that he's been asked to do a St. John's Junior game because he will know absolutely no one!

Kovalev will score again tonight and just keep right on going to New York for the playoffs!

Bryan will have Kuba all set to move on and old #17 will injure himself again for the 50th time in his career.


  1. Bob Cole has to be the worst announcer period. He is so pro Toronto it's disgusting. It's time CBC gets new announcers that are totally unbias. It's hard to watch a game with them announcing.

  2. If not totally unbiased, at least a little bit. Like TSN.

    Phenomenal game by anderson tonight. Best goaltending performance by a sens goalie in... sorry to say I can't even remember.

    BMil should strike while the iron is red-hot and sign him to a long term big-money contract w/ nmc (of course). Then he can get to work re-signing the 32-year old, -30 defenseman to a similar contract.


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