Saturday, February 19, 2011

William "Billy" McCreary!!!

This old kitchen cabinet maker can call 'em for Tranna with the best of 'em!

Game in game out, this 55 year old retiree has been the Head Office choice for as many Leaf games as they can fix for him to work.

They tried to retire him as he has not done a big game since 06 because he has an uncanny ability to get in the way of the players during good scoring cycles.

A six (6) to two/three minor penalty advantage is the "Norm" in these games. Notice I called a 6 to 2 advantage with 52 shots.

Note: A non-playoff team should not be 4th in total power plays in a 30 team league, it just does not compute! Notice again, all the jiggling, balancing at the end of the game cannot hide that stat...

Note 2: "Billy" got 'em a point!

Note 3: Mr. Anderson, a fifty shot road shutout win, just "Perfect!"


  1. You also have to think what else McCreary does for a living -- if you get my drift.

    He is downright laughable.

    You really have to question the integrity of the league when some of it's on-ice officials can be that bad and incompetent.

    (In case and point -- that 2nd goal by Boston on Thursday was way off-side -- wasn't even close).

    How can such a 'truculent team' be that high in PP chances in the league?

    It's mind boggling.

  2. Officiating stunk, as expected. Anderson was epic though.

    Finally winning in a shootout with a new goalie could be significant turning point.

    If we could get a few guys that can finish plays, we could be in good shape sooner than later.

  3. Problem is.. the Sens are in lottery position to pick up a very good young player.

    As much as I want this team to win... getting higher than 5th last hurts in the long run.

    It does not get you in the playoffs and it keeps you out of the lottery.. which hurts.

  4. The "Stash"McCreary has always had it in for Ottawa. This is nothing new.

    As far as Mr. Anderson, amazing what some goaltending, and some communication with your defence will get you! How many games until the trade deadline? Put Mr. Anderson in for all of them, and hope he plays lights out. Maybe some team will be desperate for a goalie, and we can turn him into another draft pick. If not, offer him a job - I think there's an opening next year.


  5. Imagine a big time goalie and 3 or 4 good young fast's a start...

    I think the bulk of the moves for the whole league at this TDL are done??

  6. Yes build your team from the net out.

    The future is Lehner.. but a good goaltender is needed in the meantime.. hopefully Anderson is that.

    The D will be very good in 3 - 5 yrs -- just need good forwards now.

  7. Sandy:

    If a defenceman is any good it shows right away and then he just gets better!