Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good for Fish...

- Good for Fish...good for Nashville...good for Ottawa...

- First round picks and only first round picks run deep into the Stanley Cup Playoffs year in and year out...and stop with Detroit already, that was a super fluke!

- You boys wanted a re-build, here come the two year, three year, four year estimates...

- I shall buy an "expensive" season ticket to go watch our kids...

- "Rocco" should go all around this off season playing summer hockey with everyone then come back and tell Bryan, who he likes, who will come here and for how much...

- Don't spend any money on a goalie yet it's too soon, "Legs" will have to shoulder the load...

- Alexander Semin would be a nice start!

- I'd make Alfie the (playing) Head Coach right now...just for the record, he has a problem with P. "F." M.

- Let's see what Kuba could make in Europe and pay the difference...

- Looks like we need about 3 or 4 top six forwards...but we got the cash...

Note: this was a big move today in the right direction!!!


  1. Good move by BMil. Gotta give credit where it's due, that was a classy move to make Fish happy with the trade as well.

    Semin is signed for next year at @7.

    Why the hate for Macguire? I just don't get it.


  2. pg

    Thanx for the info on Semin...

    Ya gotta start watching some games on TSN...the man is truley a "Hockey Outsider"...

  3. I just want a GM who's not someone from the old guard, someone who's new with vision and who "gets" working within the cap. Not saying this is exactly PM, just saying.

    For whoever was asking about GMs taking over right as the season ends and handling the draft: Yzerman, Tallon, Dudley pop to mind. Haven't researched it or anything, but that's usually when GMs are hired. But those are all in the past 10 months. It isn't rare.


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  5. If made GM in Ottawa, PM has said that he would put in an offer sheet for Zack Parise. That would likely be two firsts, one second, one third or four 1st round picks (

    Just ask Burke how such rashness and bravado has helped him in the middle of his Toronto "rebuild"...

    It's the hight of stupidity in my humble opinion.

    Too much testosterone and too little brains.

  6. Good post 'nik.

    I hate that Fisher is gone.. but it had to be done.
    The core on this team is getting older & slower. The game is now a young man's game and fast.
    Fisher will be close to 35 when this team is 'turned around' so how effective will he be then?

    The next 3 - 4 years will be some of the most important and maybe exciting for this team.

    Good young players growing together with a couple of veterans to help them along.

    I wish the best for Fisher -- classy guy and player.

  7. @Nik:

    Agreed that the Fisher deal is a Win Win Win. We get a 1st (and possibly as high as a 2nd to boot), open up another 4.2M in cap room without having to take on another contract. Nashville gets a good player who can help them go deep in the playoffs. Mike gets to live in the same city as his wife (classy of BM to accomodate this, and classy of Poile not to take advantage of the situation).

    "Legs" needs a season in the A. We need two goalies - one keeper, one to plug the whole until Legs is ready.

    I personally would not touch Semin - another overpriced, soft Russian who might disappear after getting a big contract (haven't we done this already too many times in franchise history?)

    BTW, what is the cap floor next year? With all this salary coming off the books, will the floor become an issue?


    Dudley was hired April 14th, Tallon on May 17th, and Stevie Y on May 25th of last year. All were in place for the draft, but not in place at the trade deadline. From what I can tell, they used the scouts that were already in place.

    I wonder how much of the decision on drafting a player lies with the GM and how much input do the scouts have?


    I also agree that Pierre McGuire isn't our man. Anyone who would bankrupt the future (a la Burke) to acquire a player isn't the guy I would like going forward. After all, isn't that a fault most mentioned when talking about our current GM, and the guy he replaced?


  8. Every kid in hockey will want to play in Binghamton, let's make it the CHL All Star team and then, after they win the Calder bring 'em all up together and have a run at Stanley!