Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's fun to watch again.

- Not just cause we won but it was interesting when Philly was all over us early on.

- "Rocco" has hit his stride...I still don't like him out there on the PK but he's getting marginally better at it!

- Our new man in the mask (Colorado) is the "real McCoy!"

- Tranna doubles 'em in PPs (8-4) again last night...if Sid had been playing he would have simply explained to the Refs that "Tranna has a really dirty team, guys like Phaneuf, Armstrong, Rosehill and Bozak are the worst slashing, cross checkers in the league!" and..."and they don't deserve to have a 100% advantage over everyone else in the league because you are trying to get 'em in the playoffs!"

- Boys, we gotta keep Phillips, he and Rocco are now the face of this team...make Alfie the coach, with the sex laws in Sweden (Wikileaks) all the big robust Swedes will want to come to Ottawa.

- I still think Kuba goes to Europe, a "command performance", and we pay the difference...for "EriK's sake" we have to move on...maybe a switch with Gothenburg!


  1. Nik:

    Haven't seen goaltending like this in Ottawa since Hasek. "Candy" kept them in the game in the first - what a good goalie does. Probably gave them hell in the room between periods too, because they weren't the same team the rest of the way.

    Kuba or Gonchar have to go if Phillips is to be kept - got to clear the decks for Cowan and Rundblad. Does BM have a rabbit up his sleeve? It would we wrong if we lost Phillips for nothing.

    What's wrong with the "Pup"? All Star appearance and all this "untouchable" talk has gotten to his head? Or is he missing having the "Landlord" on the bench? He really has to work on not getting beat to the outside.

    Really don't give a hoot about Tranna. It would be nice if they finished 9th. On the same vein, the Preds are sinking fast. That 1st rounder is getting more and more attractive.


  2. JL

    "For EriK's Sake" we gotta get rid of the DEAD wood and make him the man "back" there. Alfie should go from "Landlord" to the Inspector General and Coach of this team!

    Phillips ain't movin' so lets not make him feel bad for nothing!

  3. Why is BMil still working for the sens? He's a train-wreck. Trade a first for a guy, let him develop, show signs of improvement, then trade him for a 2nd. Absofuckinglutely brilliant. ABout as smart as resigning a soft, old, untalented offensively and defensively challenged defensman to a 3 year extension (NMC-of course).

    BMil has been disturbingly efficient in his destruction of our once proud franchise.

    This is also just about the time the team will go on a run and end up with the 6-8th pick. See you next year, same time, same place (24-26).