Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That's OK!

- We gave the Bruins all they wanted and more.

- Get Anderson out of the net and give him his $6 mill for two years!

- "Rocco" had one of "those" tonight but he's really givin' 'er!

- Get "EriK" away from Kuba they are jinxed!

- Phillips isn't playin' much better but the stress has left his game.

- Zach is the only guy not afraid of Chara.

- Ya forget how good Kaberle is on the PP Point!

- Butler finds out where Rocco is playing summer hockey and helps pick their Left Winger for next year.

- McElhinney gets the Thrash!


  1. Agreed on all points.

    Not worried about Spezza and Phillips now. I think both will thrive as leaders with a new group of quality kids to bring up.

    Between now and September I think the coaching staff needs to set these kids up with buckets of pucks and get them to start hitting targets. Shot accuracy CAN be learned. Practice, practice, practice!

    They've got the fire in their bellies, they're pretty good skaters. They even seem to stick handle and move the puck well. They just have to start sniping some goals.

    Getting an elite, scoring winger or two in the draft and/or free agency will help, but why wait?

    Get each forward to shoot a hundred or so pucks at a target every practice with a timer. Their accuracy will go up, and their releases will get quicker.

  2. @Oman:

    Agree with you. No lack of hustle out of these kids, no lack of speed, just a lack of "finish". Mind you Rask played a great game. Butler seems to have a wicked release - froze Rask, but hit the crossbar.

    @ Nik:

    "Candy" kept them in the game once again. Those saves on Chara were priceless.
    Z Smith was giving Chara all he could handle in front of the net on the PP. That's how it's done.
    They seem to be playing "Triple C"'s hard forechecking game - two guys in, up tempo, chase, chase, chase.
    Finally, the "Pup" needs to work out with Tony Greco this summer. The word is out - he is easy to beat along the boards.

    Despite the outcome, much better hockey to watch!


  3. Agreed...fun to watch!

    It's like hitting golf balls ya gotta hit ten thousand to have any idea of what you are doing...nobody practices their shot anymore, it's not cool!