Thursday, March 3, 2011

I want a tryout!

Even I could play defence in front of Anderson, the guy is "rock solid"!

Bryan, ya gotta sign this guy...ya gotta pay him and keep him!

Memo to Coach's OK to win a couple but enough is enough!

Boys, I'm telling ya, Nick Foligno will cary our second line!

Butler is goin' to catch a few goalers, the hot shots with the fast trappers, napping next year!

"Rocco" loves his new job!

Phillips' stress is completely gone!

Even Gonchar is not quiting on the puck anymore because he knows his goalie will make the stop!


  1. Nik:

    When is "Candy's" bubble going to burst? Man is playing lights out. The puck,as he's seeing it right now is the size of a zeppelin!
    Butler's "sniper" release caught Mason off guard. Takes talent to shoot off your heal like that.
    Good to see Greening get his first - another solid effort by the kids.
    Nicky would be even better if he didn't have Roberto Duran syndrome - "hands of stone".


  2. Hopefully the bubble bursts soon. If not we may end up out of the coveted top 3 this year. It'll be tough to get a top pick. Hard to imagine not finishing ahead of florida, edmonton, and the isles. Maybe the avs too. This trade could end up being really horrible for the team long term. If the sens were confident in their pro scouting (which admittedly has been atrocious under BMil's regime) they could have just signed Anderson for less than he'll cost now, and we were a shoe-in for a top 3 pick. Now he'll cost more and we're looking like a 5-7 pick. The worst possible scenario for this team. Oh well, the next 2 drafts look strong, and we'll definitely be near, but not at, the bottom of the league again. We can draft the "good, solid, character guys" and watch other teams pluck up the budding superstars and turn their franchises around quickly.

    Trade deadline has passed.... why hasn't BMil been fired so a new gm can prepare for the draft?


  3. JL

    Big Nick Foligno plays both ends and is very easy to play with. He gets bigger every year, the points will come.


    Eugene and Bryan are joined at the hip, they are going through this re-build together.

  4. Such negativity pg...

    BM makes a good trade and the Sens are winning games again, and you think this is "the worst possible scenario", and somehow more evidence of why BM should be fired...

    Can BM really do anything right now that you've decided that everything he does and will do is wrong to the extreme? Are we still hoping Pierre McGuire is going to ride in on his magic broom stick and save us?

    I'm just enjoying some good hockey for a change. Do you really know what the difference is between 3rd and 5th overall picks anyway? By all accounts, this is a deep draft, we have a lot of picks now, and the current team is looking pretty good right now.

    This is a good situation. Cheer up buddy. It's fun to watch again. Isn't this why we are fans in the first place?

  5. It isn't in the interest of the organization long-term to be winning a lot of games right now. The trade was obviously a very good one in terms of making the team better. No one can or would debate that. I'm just wondering if making a trade to make the team better immediately was the right call. Let's not kid ourselves, BM didn't "swindle" the avs, they gave up on the season and were trying to get worse to help the team long term.

    I'm enjoying the sens' play recently. I had found them almost unwatchable before unloading those players. But yeas, I definitely notice the difference between Ovie, Malkin and Barker and Ladd. Between Crosby and pouliot. Kane or Turris. Stamkos and Doughty or filatov. Eric Staal or Zherdev. Anyway, I'm sure you get the point.

    Personally I don't care too much about meaningless games in march, I care about this team getting better long term and winning the cup. Winning a bunch of games now doesn't help us do that.



    I'm enjoying

  6. Yes, of course. I get the logic. But any team who tries not to win games is doomed in my opinion. It's not good for morale, or karma.

    Anyway, it could be worse. We could be racing for 9th place like the leafs!

  7. That said, I would like to see them start this Mcelhinney a few times down the stretch.

  8. @pg:

    I hope I helped. Seems I have a talent for jinxing goaltenders. The bubble has burst - he is human after all. The puck is back to normal size - oh the humanity!
    As far as the draft, even if we are in the bottom two or three, we may still end up picking fifth - I wouldn't put it past the league to "tape" a few balls to the bottom of the barrel.


    I usually take your "ref rants" with a grain of salt - however last night, I think they were trying to help out the Rangers. A few examples of getting the puck first, and the Ranger player doing a "Louganis". Gotta keep those ratings up in the States ...

    Conspiracies everywhere ....


  9. That's because Torts tore a strip off them the other night and made the league look bad, JL.

    Triple C could learn a lot from Torts!

    Clouston has had many great opportunities to throw such tantrums for the media over the past couple seasons and has opted to keep his cool. If you don't call the league out once in a while, they'll take you for granted and decide games against you if it suits them.

  10. @Oman:

    You're right, I did see that tantrum of his. I'm surprised that he has''nt been fined by the league. I guess there are perks to coaching a major market team like the Rangers!


  11. My cynical guess: fining him would only give more media attention to the issue. So instead, they give the Rangers a few free powerplays against the lowly Sens, who won't complain because the coach is a pussy and they don't mind tanking right now anyway.

    Note: do you remember when BM went to the press (was it last season?) with video evidence, after the fourth game without a powerplay? Things changed for a while after that, but the same bogus officiating came back eventually.