Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember Johnny Rougeau!

This hit, "the HIT", immediately reminded me of that terrible night in the Montreal Forum when 'Yukon Eric" took Johnny Rougeau from one side of the ring to the other and run his head into the turn buckle and off the ring was a mistake...neither guy was the same after, Eric turned chicken and Johnny was never quite right in the head. "WrAssling" took that move out of their game!

Chara didn't mean to hurt him like "that" but he did mean to squash him. Big "Z" is too big for 90% of the guys in the league, he can squash people on demand. He didn't figure on the turn buckle or how (fear) fast Max Pacioretty was going (the guy was racing for his life)!

Chara's a star, he gets nothing (as per Pronger et al) but it better bring a "Head Shot" Rule Change or Max's career will have been for not!

Why Daily instead of Campbell?


  1. Nik:

    It was Daily because Campbell's son plays for the Bruins (conflict of interest). The play was reckless, forget intent. Players should be suspended for being reckless, especially when it results in serious injury. The fact that Chara got no consequences for his reckless act indicates a lack of judgement. The NHL is quickly becoming a bush league.

    The NFL put in rules to protect it's players, and there's no questioning football's physical nature. However, the rules were put in place, and it did not affect the 'quality' of the end product.

    The players are partly to blame. The lack of respect is evident. The association is a union, and unions look after the health and safety of their members.

    Maybe if the 'punishment' for cheap (head) shots was to be out for as long as the victim, the players would think about it twice (the ultimate deterrent - maybe a little much but just saying - it opens another can of worms).

    Sorry for my rant.


  2. It's better late than never but even dictators have to change old laws!

  3. Garage league. Has been since Bettman got in. Chara meant to hurt him. No doubt about it. If you don't believe me check out some of the angles and slow mo's they have in montreal. He intentionally guides his head into the partition. He should've got at LEAST 5 games. I don't care how nice a guy he is. He litreally came within mm's of killing someone. This crap is the reason why the nhl is the laughing stock of the 4 big sports in NA. How can anyone take this league seriously?

    The sens continue the toronto push... look out 25th, here we come!!


  4. The NHL will continue as they are until a player is paralyzed or worse in one of these types of incidents.

    If the hit would have happened against the glass there would not even have been an injury.

    The Habs organization has to step up and better equip the glass & stantions to be safer for players.

    Other players have hit stantions from being checked and they were not severely injured like Max.

    Other arenas have changed glass/boards/ stantion protections to make it safer.. it's time Mtl did that as well.