Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alfie needs a month off!

Note: I still think the "Zebras" broke this nice old experienced team early on when they were still very competitive...they, the REFS, as a group, have turned into complete horsesh*t!

Alfie needs a month off, he looks terrible...

Coach Clouston walks the plank...Coach Carvel gets the acting pay...Alfie goes behind the bench to change the forwards...

Bring up as many kids from Bingo as the CAP/LTD can afford...lets see what we got?

Lehner gets as many games as he wants...send #33 to the Petrol Station in Montreal.

Brian Elliott gets some "nice" pills to relieve the stress...some nights it looks like he is going to explode...

Bryan gets a month in Shawville...we don't need to look at him every game sitting nervously on his perch...

And finally Mr. Melnyk has to tell the paying customers "What the f*#% is going "DOWN!"


  1. Nik:

    The ball is indeed in the Eug's court. Too many people sitting on pins and needles. In his defence, it's a lousy time of the year to bring someone @ GM position (experienced) into the fold- they're all busy with their own teams!

    However, something has to be done soon. We need someone at the helm to steer the ship before it hits an iceberg - the "firesale" at the end of Feb, evaluating personnel the rest of the season, and the draft in the summer.

    I think the Eug misunderstands this market. If he were honest with the fans, say that the plan is to rebuild, that there will be growing pains, but to be patient - the faithful would understand. We've been through it once before (I was a little younger then).

    As for the"firesale", no one above the age of 30 should be sacred - this team has become the "Kanata #" (read Muskoka Five).

    Finally, I won't suggest a name for GM - but I would go as far as to say I hope it is someone from a background of winning - either as a player, coach, or hockey exec. The attitude of winning has to flow down from the "top"! (as compared to something else flowing!)


  2. I personally hope the sens go outside the usual suspects for the new (hopefully) gm. Maybe Nill from detroit or a high profile head scout, or maybe even a high profile agent. I agree 100% it's GOT to be someone with a background of winning. Even Macguire I wouldn't mind. He's more forward thinking than most of the old farts making the rounds from team to team as their career's wind down.

    As much as I'd love to see it, I seriously doubt we could have a fire sale if we wanted to. Too many guys have ludicrous contracts and/or nmc's. I just don't see it happening, but I REALLY hope I'm wrong.

    Also, I just can't agree the refs ruined the season, sounds like a major cop-out to me. We have a line-up almost devoid of high-end skill.. With Spez out, our first line isn't as good as some teams' 3rd lines. Old, slow, untalented and overpaid. I just can't blame the refs for that. Call me crazy.


  3. JL

    "Eugene, tell me what I'm going to see going forward!"


    The REFs are "Company Men", the "Company" is based in Toronto and New York...Head Office doesn't even need to send the memo...we, Ottawa, just doesn't know it's place in the grand scheme of things.


  4. I agree that it certainly seems we get screwed on a regular basis. But I just don't think that's why this team is performing so poorly, I just think they're bad.

    I did look into Canadian teams penalties vs american a few years back, and 6 of the top 8 most penalized teams in the league were Canadian. Couple that with the evidence of colon Campbell fixing games, and, well, you get the picture. It's a garage league, has been since bettman took over, which certainly makes it harder to watch. But hell, it's the game we all love. I just wish the sens would commit to a full scale rebuild. Murray's team is unwatchable. The win last night does more harm than good in the long run, IMO. Although it was nice to be entertained for a change.


  5. Forgot to mention that I have been told Melnyk has definitely spoke to Pmac gauging interest, and liked what he had to say. Looks like soon you can say PM the GM.


  6. pg

    PM the GM is running about 49% to 51% against I shall personally find a hundred votes and drive him out of town...he is too contraversial...too opinionated...too smart and too dumb for his own good...he's not our man...

  7. "Alfie needs a month off, he looks terrible..."

    They'll get 5 months from April to October. If he wants to take some games off before then he can just ask for them.

    Wouldn't mind a statement from The Euge though.

  8. Are you still kicking, buddy?