Monday, January 21, 2013

Tell Glen Healy to come to practice!

- Healy should come to practice to really appreciate "EriK" I don't think "Jolly Glen" has ever seen a defenceman who can skate like that. Wake Up and watch the game Healy.

- Word for the day is "Situated", don't think I've ever seen an Ottawa Team with four centers who are so well well suited to cary out their assignments. "Paul" just keep roolin' 'em out there. They eventually find their mis-match...

- Kyle will talk to Guy but it will be another tough night for #73 as the pressure will be intense...

- Alfie will score for his home town crowd tonight.

- Andy should go again, believe it or not, he needs the reps.

- Ottawa wins 5 - 2.

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