Friday, June 24, 2011

One heck of a First Round!


Good job to Brian Murray, Piere Dorion and Tim Murray!

We like the "Persian Prince", the "Texas Bull Rider" and a Peterborough Pete, who can score!

Detroit can have their No. 30's type picks.

Round two coming up!


  1. Power...skill...but not skating. Still, I am impressed that the boy stepped up and made a deal to get their guys. Even if they looked like a sure thing in the 2nd.

    Really too bad though that they couldn't move up to get Strome or Huberdeau.

    1 season of suck and a bunch of trades for middle-6 guys... I dunno. I must say I had hoped to get top-line talent. At least 1 game-breaker.

    Like I said though, I am happy BMil moved up for a guy they really liked. And I fully acknowledge that probably everybody employed by the sens knows more about hockey than me.


  2. pg

    Just thank the hockey Gods you are not a Leaf Fan...

    The draft is a roll of the dice, but the "Persian Prince" has a lot of pride...and is tough as nails...that's what we were looking for!

  3. Nik:

    BM got a good look at the "Persian Prince" when they brought all the prospects over, so he and the scouts must of liked what they saw. BM seems to like players with a certain "temperment", and this kid seems to fit the mold. Same with the kid from Texas - from what I've been able to read, he's known to show up in games that count. As for Puempel, that move was brilliant. His stock went down due to injury, but he was probably the purest goal scorer avaiable, and I'd be willing to bet that we stole him away from Toronto.
    Picked up Shane Prince (67's) in second round - didn't think he'd be available.
    On the surface, looks good so far, but as you said, it's a crap shoot - we'll see in a few years how these kids pan out.


  4. JL

    I guess my Todd White is Nikita Filatov...I like this move but we gotta play this Russian Beauty, we're talking second line center and get "Sarge" to sticl up for the kid...this is day one of treating our skilled Moscowites better!

    Shane Prince just got an inch taller and ten pounds heavier...good for him...good on us!

  5. JL

    I stand corrected the man, Nikita, is a right hand shot left winger...

    There goes my Todd White theory again!

  6. Nik:

    If the change in scenery, and the right "coaching" can turn Filatov around, this will be, once again, a major fleece job by BM. Not a lot of risk either, as he only has a year left on his contract. Forget second line centre - get Rocco to feed him pucks!