Tuesday, June 28, 2011


- We are big.

- We shall be a team with size.

- Jared is down about 20lbs...not one but two play off runs will do that to a guy. He looks "svelte!"

- Jakub Culek scored on practically every shot...he's looking faster and faster...

- Silfverberg is big, broad and looks ready to go...let's see what Alf says?

- "Mika" as advertised!

- The Texas Cowboy looks like a Canadian Wrangler!

- Wiercioch knows how to do the drills I don't think he moved 10ft in 30 minutes...this is a compliment, the man knows the game!

- Rundblad looks like EriK's big brother.

- Borowieki made the coaching staff look kid's size in comparison.

- O'Conner, nice size for a goalie, he looked and moved like Cesare Maniago!

- One thing about having all "head" coaches they know how to stay out of the way.

Note to AJ...clearly you never saw Marcel Dion play, he was better than Gilmore, better than most...if he and Charlie had played in the East you would have thought they were Linsay and Howe...

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