Friday, July 1, 2011

Best back up in the League!

- We like Alex Auld in his special role, well done!

- Philly's problem will not be on the ice but in the room!

- Eric Cole in Montreal...YUK!

- Lot of "Good old, beat up, high milers" gettin' a one season chance with some pretty good teams...I think we should have tried one!

- Burkie is in Afghanistan??

- Edmonton are coming...

- Rangers have too much money for everyone else.

- Best expression of hockey Canada Day "The puck doesn't die with him" describing the former Flyer, Ville Leino, who floats around for a full shift and then stays out there and gets an offensive chance when the rest of his line goes off...but he doesn't give it away either.

- Buffalo will be tough again...

- Onward and upward, nobody is scaring our kids yet!


  1. Nik:

    Auld to 1 year will give "the Hunter" time to sharpen his game in the A. Maybe he'll get back to back MVP's (his head would not fit through doors if this was the case). Auld knows Ottawa, Ottawa knows Auld. It's all good. He'll play 20 or so games (if "Andy" stays healthy).

    Wonder if the Euge gave BM the green light to make an offer to Stamkos. One can only dream ....


  2. He's big, he's bald... HE'S ALEX AULD!

    I'm completely and totally OK with this signing. We needed a backup for one year... someone who was comfortable with the "backup" label, and wouldn't push too hard to starts, or complain if he didn't get enough of them.

    It's common knowledge that if Anderson gets injured, Lehner will be our #1 in his absence, and Alex will remain the backup.

    GO SENS GO!!!


  3. Alex a no brainer but Bryan got it talk to Alfie and see if he can cary Todd White around for one last twirl together!

  4. Todd White? Really Nik ..........


  5. JL

    Ask Alfie, he might even give ya the million for Todd's salary!

  6. Auld... very respectable back up. I'm really happy bm went with the "less is more" approach. Leino at 4.5 mil? Crazy. Literally.

    I have to think with all the skill guys the oil have been piling up we'll be in their rearview mirror pretty soon. But that's okay... in 2 or 3 years we'll be right there with them. Maybe with Yakupov or Galchenyuk in tow.

    Seems like a good off-season for the sens so far. I really like the move to get filatov. Could prove to be brilliant. I also like them targetting "must have players" and Getting them. Too bad we missed out on Strome though, they REALLY wanted him (and so did I).


  7. pg

    If Rocco, his Captain and the new goalie can cary our kids we are going to be a "Load!"

  8. That's a big IF. But I'm not complaining. We need a lot more talent than we currently have in the pipeline before we can make a run at the prize, IMO. And with other bottom-dwellers going for it in free-agency, they should be back to mediocrity while we get some more high picks and experience for the young 'uns.