Friday, July 8, 2011

What about 3 Right Hand Shots!

- What about 3 right hand shots on the starting top line, Rocco with Filatov and Parrish...

- Coach MacLean, himself a 2 time right hand shot 40 goal scorer, loves Russians, Swedes (from his Detroit Cup years), fancy centers (he played with a couple in Winnipeg)and older right hand shot 2 time 30 goal scorers...

- talking about left hand shots, Hugo reminds me that Jacob Silfverberg is a left winger, I keep wanting to put him at center ice. But Hugo reminds us "The puck does not die with this man!"

- Hugo also thinks that Mr. Murray is setting up a little good cop, bad cop @ training camp where Coach Maclean will take the side of the veterans and Coach Cameron and Coach Reeds will stick up for the kids...this could be interesting!

- I think that Pro Hockey Training Camps have trouble with the Merit Principle (the One Way Contracts et al) but this year ya gotta pick the right guys based on their play!

BTW we got way too many men but for once this good.


  1. Again it is Coach MacLean, I apoligise.

  2. I also's the sugar.

  3. Parrish first line? Uhhh... no. But a good signing IMO nonetheless. We may still be a lottery team, but we will certainly be a tougher out than last year (goalie "playing for my career" streak aside. Ground out instead of a K.


  4. Nik:

    Agreed with pg. Parrish is a long way away from the 30 goal man he once was. I think he's Bingo bound.
    With the improved Northeast, it's going to be rough. Many young guys, all a little "green", learning the craft. It's going to be a "teaching" year, but we should field a team that, at the very least, will keep the opponents honest. "Andy" better stand on his head (like we saw he could do) if we expect any "whiff" of the playoffs. Simply not enough offence yet (though I've been wrong before).