Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This ain't no re-build...

- This ain't no run of the mill NHL type 3-5 year re-build, this my friends, is a Bryan Murray type re-build and he's comin' out with his guns on!

- Zenon, with ZacK, signals 4th line size, speed, roughness and some skill (cycles/corner work)...

- Konopke signals that the face off dot is ours him "work" the Linesman and talk to his Right Winger...

- Carks may start in the 7 hole but only if Jared shows some "True Grit!"

- Chris Neil will be expected to concentrate on offence with Foligno but will bring some 3rd line rough and tumble no matter who their Center is...

- We don't know who the top six are going to be yet or how they will line up but they will be shown very little patience...score or else...we are looking for a little domination...that's during the game not after practice...

- the new goalie brings "Philly" and "Sarge" back into the Anderson quote "You guys are allowed one bone head mistake each, per game, until game ten, as I shall save you!"

- To make the top eight this year will be tough, it may be sad but I'm glad, MacLean has at least two no three times more status and prestige with the Refs than our previous coach! And that's BIG!

- Remember our SEN's motto for this year "The puck doesn't die with these guys anymore!"


  1. Nik:

    Move over "Big Bad Bruins", here comes the "Stormin' Scary Senators". Our opponents won't want to breathe in the wrong direction, for fear!

    I have a feeling BM isn't quite done yet - with Condra signed today, there are quite a bit "one-ways" on the books. If BM can convince Silverburg (the most mature according to BM) to stay on this side of the pond, someone is going to shoved "overboard". Who that is, I don't know (Winchester maybe?)

    As for Kuba and Gonchar being traded, I don't think that will happen unless we take salary back ... we're pretty close to the "floor".

    Agreed about MacLean - he'll just have to flash the stash at the zebras to get their attention!


  2. JL

    Ya know how these hockey brains work a Euro for a Euro...(Silfverberg)that might be the end of #13...

    A local boy for a lcoal boy...(Zenon)that might be the end of Winni...

    Condra is going to bump someone...

    If it's fair for everybody, this is going to be one hell of a training camp!!

    "Ya better not let too many pucks die in the scrimmage!" or you're GONE!

  3. Dude, you are going to break the exclamation mark button on your keyboard. What is this an Archie comic?

  4. Anonymous:

    When the lights are off...the bar is closed!

  5. I share your enthusiasm regarding the rebuild Nik, but certainly not your view that this team will be in contention for a playoff spot.

    But that's okay. Because with only 1 top line player, and 3 top-6, we're in serious need of some talent up front. I wouldn't be surprised if we flirt with last place overall for most of the year.

    Don't want to sound defeatist, or negative, I'm not! I'm excited about watching the kids get better, and seeing some new faces. But we were what? Last in the league in goals for last year? Where are the goals going to come from?

    I love hiring a coach who wants to play the puck-possesion game, but I don't think we have guys with good enough puck skills to make it happen yet.


  6. pg

    Rocco and our goalie are good enough to win by themselves, the question mark is Alfie, if he can play even a little bit we beat out Buffalo for the eighth spot!