Friday, July 8, 2011

Hugo's Bar-B-Que!

Attendees are: Hugo Alfredsson, EriK Karlsson, David Rundblad, Robin Lehner, Jacob Silfverberg with Alfie @ the Pit.

EriK says to Jacob: What is better than 4 Swedes?

Silfverberg: I give up.

Erik: 5 Swedes!

David: We are all young and practically the same age if I make it and stay why should you be allowed to go back home and sail for another year?

Jacob: I'm not sure I'm ready.

EriK: Alfie will tell you when you are ready.

Robin says to Jacob: Alfie may need you, I'd stay but they want me to play another year in Binghamton with the Calder Cup Champs.

Hugo says: Yes, Jacob you could have Erik's old bed room.

Alfie says: Ok boys, steaks on...but one last thought...I have been over here in Canada for awhile, I need the comfort of being surrounded by many Swedes!

Hugo's aside: It's starting to dawn on Silfverberg how good he looks and how they are counting on him to stay and play for the Sens!

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