Friday, July 29, 2011

We are maturing!

- Eugene Melnyck, with Team Murray's help, is taking us Big Time!

- The excitement of the prospects camp reminded me of a Habs try out camp, years ago, where you had 100 guys trying out for one job.

- I remember, as a young kid, seeing an exhibition game @ the Auditorium between the Red Wings and Montreal, with Red Kelly standing in the dust and cobwebs of the CFRA studio on O'Connor Street, a guy with a hand crank siren ending the first period, it was embarrassing. Then going to see the Leafs and the Habs @ the Forum made me feel very small town.

- The All Star Game for heaven's sake!

- My Transit vehicle having it's own exit/entrance ramp.

- My Grand Son, who will have strong Montreal and Tampa influences, will choose the Senators as his team.

- A SENs team, who unlike the Leafs and the Habs, seem to be on the cusp of becoming a true POWERHOUSE in the League again.

- And now a score clock where I can look up from the face off circle and check the amount of time left in the penalty without losing track of the last part of the PP!

Note: Mr. Wilson should be heard and not seen.

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  1. Sorry Eugene, when I like your work I have a tendency include a "c" in the spelling of your name...I know it's Melnyk and my computer will not let me correct spelling mistakes or post correctly...maybe a new score clock will help...