Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Eugene should be buying American Dollars!

- Brian Murray should try to win the Suggestion Award for the month of July by recommending to our Owner that if he purchased his pay roll, say $55 mill @ ninety-four cents, the Sens would make enough to pay for #17's salary in Europe this year!

- Just had a terrifying may be time to move, turn over, trade, convert a couple of our young Defencemen prospects..."Ya can't develop them all!"

- Bob Mcgowen should stick to basketball theory, his analysis of the football head hits is hurting our case for hockey!

- Have decided to coach the SENS forwards this year, the coach and I are from almost the same era!

- Thought one for training camp..."don't let the puck die with you" could be fatal to your camp and career with the Senators.

- pg: too many good players is a step in the right direction.


  1. I most certainly agree. But to hoist the cup, you need a few great ones peaking as well.

    I like your idea for the 17 move. It was bad when he was signed instead of traded for a 2nd rounder. It's worse now.


  2. Nik:

    I don't share your optimism that the Eug would be willing to eat 17's salary despite the exchange rate. He's already eaten a lot of salary in the past years, and I'm sure he's fed up.

    If 17 rebounds (let him stay healthy please), he could be flipped for a pick at the deadline (the restocking continues).

    I don't agree with cashing in a young D prospect. If Rundblad pans out, he'll make Gonchar expendable - note that Magic Number 7 hasn't played a game yet, on our smaller ice surface.

    If that scenario plays out, someone will have to take Gonchar's place. I also think that this will be Carkner's last year with the club. His contract will be up, and probably not renewed. Even though Knuckles was only signed for a year, it makes more sense for your fighter to be a forward rather than a d-man.

    So therefore, one of Wiercioch, Gryba, Borowiecki, or Blood will be valuable sometime next year. Meanwhile, they can learn their trade in the A. As "Bing" says, you can never have too many d-men!


  3. I think we got too many same generation defencemen developing at the same time, EriK; Cowen; Rundblad; Wiercioch; Blood; Borowiechi and's going to be tough to even get 'em all PP and PK time in seems as though we (SENs staff) have a problem with Gryba and a lot of GMs agree but there are about 15 teams that would just love to have the guy? I like him personally but ya can't keep everybody, that's why Carks goes to the Seven hole and #17 goes to Europe @ full whack! That's why the US Marines say: "Make a hole, make it wide!" cause here we come!