Monday, July 11, 2011

You guys are right, but...

- You are right, but it's the Vets that are troubling me...

- Parrish may play anywhere from Bingo to the top line...

- "Sarge" Gonchar has to have a bounce back year, I mean speed (he usta be one of the fastest defencemen in the league), CONFIDENCE and the PP!

- Alfie has talk to those old bones (legs) one more time, the super effort, he can do it...

- Rocco became minority leader at the end of last year, must become majority leader out of training camp...

- Phillips, no golf, no work bench and only light beer...we want svelte!

- Winchester should not be kept on the big team at the expense of Condra.

- Regin gets 10 games and only ten Eddy Shack usta say:"S-C-O-R-E!"

- Konopke with the young guys will be a big part of the strength of the team...

Note: A lot of "Experts" (read Tranna Guys) don't think our goalie is any good. I got a bulletin for 'em..."You will be calling him Mister Anderson when he's finished with you and the White 'n Blue!"

Note II: "The puck doesn't die with Alfredsson, it never did!"


  1. Nik:

    To go through your points one by one:

    Parrish is a depth move for Bingo. Only way I see him in the "Top Six" is if there is an injury, and he's been lighting it up in the A (see prediction below)

    Hopefully the "Stash" is better at knowing his right from left than "triple C" was, especially on the power play. If so, he may bounce back somewhat.

    I boldly predict that Alfie (God love him) will not complete the season - the body is just too beat up.

    Agreed that Rocco will lead the team - continue where he left off - the kids will be watching.

    Philips better up his play, because if he doesn't, some kid named Cowan may upstage him. As you say, light beer, and lots of "Greco".

    Condra is a smarter player than Winnie, and has better hands. I think Winnie has been made expendable (swing man).

    The "Great Dane" better toughen up over the summer - the book is out on him - one check and he disappears.

    "Knuckles" will give the kids lots of opportunity to practise the PK!

    Since when do the Tranna Guys know anything?


  2. You've got a great blog going, Nik, despite not being the most prolific blogger. I never know what to expect, and you're opinions are always your own. And definitely an optimist too.

    Even though I think we'll be chasing Yakupov more than the playoffs, I'm happy the future is starting to look bright. Too bad we missed out on Strome though, I know the brass were very high on him.


  3. pg

    Ya got your cheer leader blogs and ya got your cheer leader commentors but the big people read and study what guys like us are saying!