Monday, August 8, 2011

"Just win, baby!"

"Just win, baby!" quote Al Davis the most hated manager in pro sport.

- I was a big fan of Alexi Kovalev but, we didn't win and he didn't play very well (but maybe better than he got credit for). However as a hockey player, in your later years, you are expected to take the criticism and leave quietly.

- Nobody in hockey drinks anymore like the old days so it's good to hear that some of the scribes are holding up the old tradition.

- And writers, that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks...

- Game plans, as the imaginary defenceman's coach, I didn't get into the actual "over all" game strategy for the offence, because I couldn't figure it out. But day 1 (his), I stood twenty feet away and watched Cory, then the new coach of Bingo, lose two Russian prospects in two instructional sentences and never return to them for the full year! "Catch 22" you should not be a Head Coach in the NHL until you have had 3 years experience as a Head Coach in the NHL". Peter De Boer. It was not all Clouston's fault.

- Jason, enough with the prognostications, just make sure "The puck does not die with Spezza", this year and ya could be an MVP candidate!

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