Saturday, September 3, 2011

The "Big Fellas" have to go!

As we have been saying for 3 years now, the "Big Fellas" have to go...they are too big and too lethal to themselves and to the other "Big Guy!"

Two light heavy weights, who know what they are doing can go at each other pretty good and not do too much damage. If one of their medium meanies is chasing around one of your smaller guys, you apply a little straightener to this guy.

All staged fights are gone.

If you want to play in the NHL @ 5'10" and 180lbs, ya better be able to take care of yourself!

The GMs should grand father the Enforcers on their teams individually and ensure that their team can still take care of business.


  1. Oman:

    The season must be getting close, yesterday at the hockey rink there was two of the biggest beer trucks I ever saw off loading! Ha!

  2. Yes, it will be here soon. Can't wait to see the kids out there proving themselves in the show.