Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Shanny", you listen to "Sid!"

"Head Shots" be gone!

This BS that they are so big, so fast, so keen, so out of control, that they cannot help themselves when they take your head off, has got to stop! We have been telling anyone who would listen it's an invention by the Board of Governors to cover this mean, vicious, dangerous, gutless hit to the head. Sid told us the truth yesterday. It's like leaving the the game on the small rink for over 20 years when all the new Arenas were built, if the game is so fast why not give 'em some space to play in.

It makes my head hurt just watching Sid Crosby's presser and I have been rehabbing for forty years!


  1. Nik:

    You are right. Head shots have no place in the game. Crosby got his bell rung by Steckel at the Outdoor Classic - a cheap shot (he didn't have the puck at the time, and was looking away). The Hedman hit (the next game?) was just the icing on the cake (and a possible reason why BBurke suggested the "bear hug" rule).

    So how do we remedy the situation?

    First, change the equipment (as Bing Cherry has repeated over and over again). Shoulder and elbow pads don't need to be made from hard plastic.

    Second, the league should adopt a rule where, in the case of blindside hits to the head, especially when the player does not have the puck, that the offender be suspended the GREATER OF: (1) x # of games; (2) in case of injury, the player is suspended until the "victim" of the hit is able to resume play (if this were the case Steckel wouldn't play until Crosby comes back: in the case of someone like Marc Savard - never). The only way to discipline these predatory players is through their pocketbook (make em think twice).

    May seem harsh, but this has now happened too many times.


  2. I agree with everything JL said. And would add:

    The league should just implement a rule where contact is fine, but you have to be making a play on the puck. Period.

    Get rid of frickin' fighting. It has no place in the game and hasn't for a long time. It's a mockery of "professional" in fact. It's embarassing and pointless. And it ruins the pace of the game. Enough's enough.

    The league is about 20 years too late on all this. What would Lindros's career had been like if it wasn't perfectly acceptable for guys to go after his head? How about Savard? And now how about Crosby?


  3. Gentlemen:

    Mario Lemieux should stand with Sid and if the Board won't act...sell his franchise to Houston, where they can play on "cheese cake" in double runners! Roller Ball, it would be like shootin' fish in a barrel.