Thursday, September 8, 2011


1950, the Wings of the Soviet go down in a WW2 converted Air Force Transport plane, the whole team and Stalin's son is lost...took 'em 'till 1956 to rebuild and win Gold, flying in the latest Sputnik technology...the wall falls and here comes the American (Ronnie Reagan) ideas, so all of you free enterprisers/deregulators/life style gamblers, be ready to accept the consequences...

Late 60's, we (our football team) got the Leaf charter out of Windsor/Detroit on the rebound to Ottawa. A 50's turbo/prop jet, Viscount, safest aeroplane ever built. Landed in a terrible storm when everything else was grounded. Now, some of the "crates" they got flying charter make your knuckles turn white just looking at them and we have our best and brightest, 60+ million worth, on and off 'em every second game!

Eugene, I think you should buy us a low-mileage DC-9 and let Alfie pick his pilot and mechanic!

Note: No one lets the puck die with them in the rookie tournament...lets see who can hold/move the puck!

Note 2: #13 Flukes...I hope he's alright.

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