Monday, September 12, 2011

We agree with Robin!

- First of all I like Alex Auld and I think he is the best back up goalie in the league.

- But Robin Lehner was the best goalie in training camp last year, has done it all in the American League, is the 2nd best goalie in the chain right now so should be the back up out of camp.

- It is my opinion that you learn more, get more confidence, gain the confidence of the big guys if you are seeing major league pitching and practicing with them everyday and playing the odd game with the big team.

- We like Craig Anderson a ton but the days of trying to play 65 to 70 games are over, let the kid play 30 games, he's ready...he's bigger than the net!

- Being a great coach and GM means not making any regressive steps...there is development and then there are guys who are's like Cowen, he starts with the big team...


  1. I would rather both Anderson and Lehner play 60-65 games each and then let em go head to head a year from now. It will be better for Lehner's development to let him get consistent starting experience, which he didn't have last year due to Brust tearing it up during the season. I agree with you that Cowen should start the year with Ottawa. I foresee these pairings:
    4 2
    55 39
    65 7(Rundblad)
    5 and 17 roll in and out of the lineup as injury replacements

  2. I agree about not taking regressive steps (like the re-signing of phillips long-term w/ no discount and NTC then having a logjam on d). i don't think lehner going back is regression though, He might've been great in the playoffs, but he wasn't dominant in the regular season, and wasn't very good in ottawa. I just think he needs practise more than anything. Besides, how can it hurt?


  3. Follow the money! It's about burning a year in the ELC. His RFA contract is going to be expensive, and each year the Sens can put that off is another year they can build assets elsewhere.

  4. Michael:

    True but if Alfie is going to win the Stanley Cup with Team Sweden/Senators ya need all the Swedes.