Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big game for Mr. Rundblad...

- we love David's skill level but...the SENs have a plethora of offensive D-men right now with a large group of sophomores to protect and play defence behind.

- #7 could end up in Canada, Sweden or the US of A depending on the game tonight...

- let's be honest based on his play thus far he couldn't make his old team in Lycksele, Sweden right now...

- this man is not EriK, he's 20 years old and I think he needs another full year to grow and harden.

- the big league forcheck has shown his big ice, Euro approach to the set up and break out...

- his offensive confidence is not matched with an equal amount on DEFENCE.

So...we don't really need him right now (9th on the depth chart) so let's not ruin the kid! If he is sent to Bingo he's not coming back this year.

If he shows anything DEFENSIVELY against Tranna, I'd love to be the first to eat crow!


  1. Nik:

    Agreed with you, offensively, there's no problem with this kid. He'll run the powerplay for many years to come. He just needs to learn positioning on the smaller ice surface, and get use to the speed of the game on this side of the pond. Some coaching and games in the "A" will fix that.

    Going back to Sweden would be of no use to him - he's learned all he can there.

    If he can make some improvements fairly quickly, I can see Gonch being moved at the deadline (especially if he has a better year).

    Jared will make the team, there's no doubt now. Forget about competing for #5,6 or 7 - I think he's in the top 4 for sure! A-train's replacement with Philllips? (shut down tandem?)

    Borocop's been a pleasant surprise. If his development keeps up, he'll be ready for primetime next year. He's jumped Gryba and Wiercoch in the pecking order right now.


  2. I have to agree JL.

    What good would another year in Sweden do for Rundblad if it's the positioning and speed he has to get used to.

    Some time in the A could also help build a little character. I'm sure he'd be called up a few times and even earn a regular spot if someone is injured or gets traded.