Friday, September 23, 2011

Here they come!

Butts will get some shooting tonight playing with other first liners Jason Spezza and Nikita Filitov.

After the preseason and with Butler's arms about to fall off with all that shooting, Jason will instruct Filitov to take a few shots himself just to change up their attack.

Dilemma...what to do when Alf and Milan make Da Costa look like the Jean-Claude Killy of hockey? I think even I could play center with those two guys.

When you are playing too many games in a row @ training camp and some obscure coach keeps asking you your name you know you are on your way down...we have two D-men in that position right now.

Joe Palooka (Kypreos) and Maclean are like two guys that go back to Tranna get struck by the ugly stick, sprinkled with "Dummy Dust" (by their Ferry God Mother not the Coca-Cola salesman) and fall into a pile of horse manure. They don't know Ottawa, they cannot even pronounce the names of our players yet they continue to pontificate about the Senators and the League in general but are unable to advise Burkie and his six little elves. Neither one of you guys could put a patch on Shanny's ass! Oh ya...get ready to eat some crow.

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