Friday, September 16, 2011

Craig Anderson ain't chopped liver!

All the big league prognosticators, the "know it alls", that's THN,the Tranna guys, Tony in Montreal and the Los Wages bookies are basing the 6 through 12 finish in the Eastern Conference on goal tending...

Craig Anderson will steal a couple early just to open their eyes...

The Tranna guy is still a big ?

Marty is done...

Carey Price will finally get enough of Jacques and his build a wall defence...

Miller is still so tired he can barley get his equipment on...

Marc Andre will miss Sid...

Tampa's man looks like a late forties something...and he is...

The Philly jinx will prevail on their new guy...

New York/Boston/Washington look solid...

It will be interesting to watch them all back track at Xmas time as there are so many of them.


  1. Nik:

    I agree he isn't chopped liver, but what version of him are we going to get? The version that played lights out to get a contract at the end of last year, or the version that got shipped out of Colorado?

    Another thing to consider is that a goalie, no matter how good, can only go so far. You also have to consider the defence playing in front of him. We also don't know what kind of system the "Stash" will want to play - there will be a learning curve for all the players, which likely means mistakes at first. Hopefully we have a "smart" team of "fast learners".


  2. I agree thn has it in for the sens and a hard-on for the leafs. That's okay, cause every year the leafs still are horrible, and much worse... brutally boring. And they will be again. The perennial fringe team. Much like the small team full of second and third liners, the habs.

    That said, I'm glad the Sens finally had the courage to actually go all-in on the much needed rebuild. I hope to see the young guns get some valuable experience, some more of the old slow pokes traded, and Yakupov sliding into a Sens jersey (hopefully the "heritage" which should be the home jersey) in June. Then we can start to make a run.


  3. JL

    Mr. Anderson is the "Man" there will be no more dinkin' around with the puck in our end...git it and git it out! If you fart around with it he will tell you...status goalie!

  4. pg

    We shall surprise...just our record alone vs Tranna and the Habs will get us a play off spot!

    Only the ZEBRA can give you Yakupov.