Friday, September 23, 2011

We like Jason's offense a lot but...

Last year we gave up a ton of leads in the last minute with Jason out there in the face off circle trying his best.

We were 4 and 10 in over time. A two way job for your first string center.

And even with a bit of a streak on the PK, over all it was no good, #19 is not a Penalty Killer, he will get lots of 5 on 5 and PP ice time. Save the man's back.

Andy was very good but we gotta play better in front of him.

We do not have an NHL second line center man.

The ZEBRA are continuing to condition us for the regular season.

We better continue to bring Alf along slow...22 minutes after 7 months is too much.

I wonder if Coach Paul will have the patience to allow us (the kids) to gel?

It usta be every one who was decent could play well and well into their mid to late not so much...speed kills!


  1. Yup. Too much for Alfie, and the last 10 minutes didn't look like the first 10. I would have though he'd play 15 tops.

    I would just say we don't have an NHL second line. Or better yet, just say we're lucky to have two 3rd lines.

    I like Maclean as a hire... puck possesion, speed. That's waht I want to see. But he doesn't have the skaters to make it happen.

    I'm still scratching my head regarding Dorion's comments about noesen and puempel. Third liners who could potentially play 2nd line with good development? Why are we reaching for these guys in the 1st whose skill sets don't jive with the direction of the club? Why are we drafting two third liners in the first round? "First round first line" isn't that the saying around the league?

    If we want to be detroit jr here, why are we drafting BM "character guys" to play in "skate and stick-handle" system. Look who detroit drafts. Skating and stick handling. It's not just the coaching style, it's the whole philosophy of the club, gm down.


  2. pg

    You are right on as usual...the big secret in hockey...your big center is a first round draft choice along with his wingers but the second center will often will be a free agent and is taken when the team is one guy from the Stanley started years ago with Butch Going but it still stands today. Although Kelly was a third center, the pick up was huge for Boston. Note: BM does not think we are there yet and he hasn't got the money.