Wednesday, September 28, 2011


One degree of increase in the curve of your blade is the difference between post and in and post and out...message received by Big #9...

One degree of loft or off set which ever you prefer is the difference between cross bar and out or cross bar and in! Jason, ya lead the league in cross bars last year, so please take note, I think you have two maybe three already in preseason, we need the goals.

Alfie, when the hip is 100% and you are standing square again, it's 1 inch shorter and two degrees up right just like your 3 the old days...

Filatov uses a shorter stick, just like Gordie Howe, and it shows. It also allows you to shoot quicker so let 'er go...early and often.

It seems EriK has gone to a longer shaft (more power) I'm not sure I like it...he has power to burn.

"Come heyah an' looka yonder"...No suspension for Chris Neil, I can't believe it...Good call Shanny...your making those Tranna announcers look bad...they gotta lose that old goalie!

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