Friday, September 9, 2011

And we're off!

Our new move the puck, high speed offence takes more time to explain on the ice than it does to do the depth explanations are for the film room.

Z-bad looks pretty good, nice thickness, good speed.

David Rundblad looks a little too much like EriK!

Jared and Robin appear to be loaned from the NHL for demonstration purposes.

Eric Gryba is still the meanest looking rookie we got but Mark Stone has the shoulders of a huge man.

Da Costa is very quick. Pageau scores every time he shoots.

Caporusso big wheels!

The difference is so thin...Cowick playing in Elmira???

Machovsky, the other goal tender from Guelph, had his trapper speed tested a few times.

And Coach if you and your staff have to go back and coach in the "A" for one more year it must be heartening to see what is coming to you.

We should win this little exhibition tournament.

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