Sunday, September 18, 2011

#13 to the Left Wing.

Tough break for Winchester, he will probably rehab in Binghamton.

Peter Regin is already being listed as a Left Winger. Bryan Murray mentioned briefly yesterday that he could also play the wing. This brings a whole new dimension to the second center position...Da Costa has all the tools but he is small to be going up against all those big experienced top six forwards of the other elite teams just yet. Also Z-bad has just been bowling everyone over...size, speed, smarts, maturity, on the draw even. I think he has the inside track. Lets see who they give him on the wings.

If Jared draws Filip then Brennan is right Cowen is looking @ Bingo...what kind of a line up is this that gives you six extra players? Do they all dress for the warm up and then sit. What sounds vaguely European to me...

It will be good to see Alex back in our goal again, this guy can still play a little...

Coach Paul, as Jason calls him, will have his hands full running this bench with all the kids as we are notorious for bad changes and getting called for it. Note the getting called for it...

Everyone in Ottawa knows the term "Supernumerary"...I think we have one defence man in that category.

Ah the Leafs, they will probably ice a good portion of their "A" Team...Ronnie's job is on the line early!

Hockey Central at Noon is the only bunch, who go to a Tranna Game (The Rookies final), and don't mention the final result the next day, instead they talk about what they had to eat.

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