Monday, September 26, 2011

What about...

What about my man Cowen with EriK...#4 & #5 and Gonch and Kuba...Carks starts up stairs.

Chris Philips, Gonchar and Filip all should get some games off.

How about Mika, I think he makes the team AND he gets Alfie and Michalek...

#7 needs another year, he's only 20, let him go back to Sweden and harden up. I think the "A" will be a nightmare for him right now.

I'd show 'em the league video and then start working on the stick fouls, we look like we're at the "Wood choppers ball" out there and it's been like this every game in the pre-season...the ZEBRA will not even have to invent the calls if this keeps up.

Coach Paul is a pro, we love a coach who when everything is not exactly going according to plan has the patience to stay off the (young) players...

Alex Auld can still play a little...

We have a pretty big team, just like the Bruins, it will start to show late in games...if I were the Leafs or the Habs I would want to stay home too.

"Come heyah an' looka yonder" the Buffalo guys (D'Arcy Regier) say now that Tim Connolly is not an offensive juggernaut anymore but that he was transitioned to a DEFENCIVE Specialist...Burkie, ya gotta start reading the scouting reports...


  1. I know Hoffman is not a first grade prospect .. but I noticed he was bumped up to the second line. Good on him
    The goal was all Swedish .. Alfie -> King K -> (ka)MikaZ(e).. sweet hands from the young ayatollah :)

  2. Hoffman will get a reguler season chance if we are not scoring early.

    Coach Paul to Alfie..."What d'ya think?"

    Alfie: "Hugo's makin' room in the basement!"

  3. Nik:

    You gotta love Alfie - all that free babysitting! Next year, it'll be #7.

    I think Mika might be staying. Would be a shame for "Frenchie", he passes a la Spezza-lite - he's done more so far than the Great Dane!


  4. JL

    All three centers are potential top dogs but all have a few flees...