Thursday, September 29, 2011

Konopke leads the DRAWMEN!

Zenon Konopke leading the draw takers everyday in a drill at the end of practice, excellent, something I have been advocating for years...let's see the pay off.

Note: one or two big D-men should be included in the Face Off drill as when your center is in the wrong dot and the Big Guy, I'm thinking of Jared, who shoots the other way, let him move in there and take care of business.

Note 2: It gets the D-men and the forwards involved together in another application of DEFENCE!

Hey Lloydy, the common folk usta have two days of qualification to get to play the "Royal", the good thing was the first two rounds were at Outaoais and the Hunt Club.

GM Doug Maclean, who we find out today was a school teacher and should know better, is washed up, no one young or old, wants to hear an old man rant day after day...he's ruined it, for me. That stupidity today was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Hold your breath Sid is back...

Yorkie/Doug, you boys are so wrong, dead wrong, head shot...head shot...head shot! The puck carrier  was pulling his head back...ya can't hit people like that anymore...

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