Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not dirty?

Better Shanny, your making your predecessor look like a piker and that's good!

Hey Doug, we know you signed him to an NHL contract, but c'mon. When your own bio says you are the dirtiest player in the League with single season penalty records in the "Q' with Halifax, in the "A" with Syracuse and in the NHL with the Sharks. This is exactly the kind of "Big Fella" the game has to move on from. Staged fighter, serial offender...dangerous to himself and every defenceman in the league. He's not fast enough to get there on time so he's always late which disrupts every one's timing and man you better not have a failure to execute because you are then his meat.

Yorkie says: "Get your shoulders square and get up on the wall." Shelley was so late that, that poor old Leaf had enough time to misplay the puck, scrape the wall, come back off the wall about a foot before getting squashed by a 235lbs freight train with no brakes. Note: When you brake your nose like that it drives bone and cartilage up into your brain.


  1. Interesting to see the video explanation:

    The timing seems to have been less of a factor than the boarding.

    Player was vulnerable + Player was hurt + Perpetrator was a repeat offender = throw the book at him.

    Good showing Shanny. Class act.

    We can't remove the dirty goons from the game without suspending them and withholding pay. If we do that, we may even eliminate the honest thugs and the staged fighting. And that's a GOOD thing.

    If the league can effectively police this stuff, then we don't NEED fighting. The odd fight may still break out of course, but will be the middle weights that can actually play at the NHL level and throw knuckles once in a while when tempers are high and/or the officials aren't dealing with things effectively.

    I'd rather see good hockey players replace the 3 minute a game specialized hockey fighter type.

    I love hockey. And sometimes I like watching professional fighting. But I don't think these sports should be in the same category.

  2. Oman:

    Good me as a hockey player/foot ball player, a couple the worst shots I ever took was after the pass was made or the ball was relax and some goof (goon/dirty guy), who couldn't catch you legally in month of Sundays, hammers you late!