Monday, September 26, 2011

Love Carkner but...

Don Brennan is correct about Matt Carkner but I think his hockey fighting career is just about over and his hockey playing career is about to continue...

Note: As we told you at the time, there was an other's (fighter) career ended in Pittsburgh last year also.

I think it's time for the big fellas, if they cannot contribute otherwise, to take a seat. Pronger will run rampant for twenty games until Shanny suspends him out of the league.

"Come heyah an' looka yonder" Nick "the Palooka" Kypreos pays over $25,000 for his two Leaf Season Perry Maison usta say "I rest my case!"

As they are already half way, I hope Alf and Z-bad don't decide to keep right on goin' home! Joke...

Doug, you are retired, done, too one cares about your opinion anymore! Think young...

To Chris Stevenson...Last year, Milan Michalek, 18 goals in 66 games, 9 posts playing on one leg...put him on balance, two legs, increase his curve by one degree and give him 82 games on the second line equals 22+8 and only one post = 30 goals.


  1. Nik:

    Last year during one of the Carkner vs. Orr slugfests, "Carks" got "corked". They showed him in the penalty box, and you could see the glaze over his eyes. I think he was "concussed" at that point, and who knows if he ever got checked out!
    I think "Knop" was brought in to take the heat off of Carkner - besides, it's often an unfair trade when a defenceman goes off for 5, when the other guy is a goon - a defence "Tax" on all the other D.

    As for Michalek - I think he may have a breakout year playing the "Stash's" system - rush the net, score some ugly goals (the Stash made a pretty good career of those). He's been receiving some nice passes from "Frenchie", and burying them. They seem to have good chemistry. Let's hope the Stash recognizes this and keeps them together (unlike the "Triple C" revolving door).


  2. JL

    We're going big and fast so Da Costa will probably start in the "A".

    Carks also may be in and's going to be interesting.