Wednesday, September 14, 2011

15TH...Last Place...THN!

THN...Toronto Hockey News...the Tranna guys...

Our MGMT may not mind being projected to 15th place but Alfie and I don't!

If we make the correct moves out of training camp we beat the Leafs out of a play off spot.

Note: THN, the group think, is afraid to call Tranna a play off team and afraid to call the Habs not a play off team.

Note 2: I don't see Buffalo in there either.

I wonder if any of these guys have ever played and what they base their prognostications on?


  1. Nik:

    I love your optimism. But the boys down in Vegas have us 65/1 to win the cup (tied with Edmonton & Colorado). Only Columbus (75/1), NYI (80/1), and Florida (125/1) are worse off.

    Personally, for the team in the long-run, I just hope the kids learn well from the new coaching staff (which seems to be a "teaching"staff). They will make mistakes, and learn from them. If we finish in the lower 10 (dare I say the lower 5), then it's another opportunity to get some good players in what seems to be a strong draft (and plays into the Murrays' strong suit). I just want to watch some entertaining hockey, and I think that's what we will get this year!

    And yes, the guys from Tranna are biased, and take every opportunity to stomp on our team (i.e. Gene losing money and selling the team) - but in the end it just shows that they don't know squat!


  2. JL

    This is a season where you just stay in touch with the top 8 early and then just motor 'em in the second half a la Binghamton last year.

    Jason will be one of the teachers by example...

    Ya wont know Gonchar, he had his wake up call last year...

    And EriK...

    And the goalie...

  3. Nik:

    To do that (stay in touch), they'll have to start a la Jacques Martin (go gangbusters at the start, and catch everyone still napping).
    The Ruskies might all pump up their games, to show respect for their fallen comrades.
    Erik - might be scared by his fellow countryman, who is younger, taller, bigger, nastier, and just as graceful with the puck.
    And the goalie - will it be Jekyll, or Hyde?


  4. When I bumped into the Euge on an escalator at the Eatons centre this spring (I shit you not), I said I thought they were finally going the right direction and that Murray was doing a great job on the rebuild.

    Then they won the Calder cup.

    Then they won the rookie tournament.

    And now I'm pumped for the new season with a new, much younger team and a lot of new hope! They don't have to win this year. I just want to see exciting hockey again, and I'm sure we will.

    Let the games begin!

  5. Oman: You name dropper you...ha!

    The only down side to this season that I can see is we shoot the lights with the small pay roll and we spend the next 5 years trying to do it on the cheap!

    But let's see what the start is like, the first 20 games will tell all.

  6. JL

    This team is all Hyde...

    Yad think Alfie would have lent EriK one of his expensive drivers for the last game of the year. That Killer Whale was a bum from the early 90's.