Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Preseason yuk!

Nerves...bad ice...the Boston system...makes Exhibition Games frustrating to watch.

Mika saves his job.

Gonchar looks quick, rested, refreshed.

Jared is ready. Great first pass.

Nikita, early on, had the two best defensive zone plays by a forward. This is good.

Brian Lee is making it a tough decision.

Da Costa looks little.

Petr skated miles but...

Nick Foligno looks more confident.

Coach Paul...think Neilson Modified Umbrella (PP).

It's time, lets see Jason and Alfie.


  1. Nik:

    Agree with all your points. BM is going to have a few interesting decisions to make if this keeps up.
    The 'Stash' is going to have to teach his centermen how to take face-offs. That was atrocious.
    Already seeing traces of the 'Stash's coaching: the screen on Lee's goal was shades of Holmstrom (except two guys were trying it out!)


  2. JL

    You are correct. Face Off Technique can be learned and perfected, especially working against another National League Center. Reps...PRACTICE...accentuate. Sock Ball Face Off Tournement, for money...Captain Ronnie Shock, Pittsburgh, 1975. Turned 50 goal scorer, Pierre Larouche into a DRAW Man.