Saturday, September 24, 2011

I count EIGHT!

Hey Don, I count 8 defencemen.

I think Bryan likes to play with 6 but he will pay seven to stay off the floor.





Rundblad will return to Sweden to get bigger and stronger and bone up his courage to face NHL forwards. He's pretty good but he needs another year for his confidence.

Kuba should start up stairs as he plays best with lots of rest and when he comes riding to the rescue of one of our downed warriors.

Carks and Brian Lee will just plug along as the 5-6 pair and the second set of penalty calming, efficient.

Jared will provide Chris Phillips with the Big Z factor...two big men muscling those small Hab Forwards. Note: I would have played Cowen against "Mad Max" last night...Jacques would have had a heart attack.

And finally...Gonch and EriK better have the puck 90% of the time or Andy is going to run out of jokes for them.


  1. Nik:

    Cowen is showing why he would have been a top 3 pick if he hadn't been injured. The extra year in junior did him a world of good - he's playing with a ton of confidence - and the coach is showing a lot of confidence in him.
    Too bad Rundblad is going back to Sweden - he needs to get use to the "small ice" - he admitted that he couldn't do "moves" that he did last year.
    Gonch and Erik look like they've shored up the defence so far. Hope it holds up - we're going to need it.
    I think DaCosta got the fast track on Z-Bad. He seems to be able to bounce off checks despite his size, and other than Spezza, he might be the best passer on the team (constantly tape to tape). He's also the only guy right now who can win a face-off. Z-Bad is so close - physically he's ready, just needs to work on a few things. Another year in Sverge won't harm him.
    And Lehner needs to play 60 games in Bingo - he's not quite there yet either.

    What's your take?


  2. JL

    DaCosta but he has to play with Milan/otheer big beef.

    The rest I can't follow yet...a lot of guys...easy to make a mistake here and money talks!

    Give me two more games...