Tuesday, June 28, 2011


- We are big.

- We shall be a team with size.

- Jared is down about 20lbs...not one but two play off runs will do that to a guy. He looks "svelte!"

- Jakub Culek scored on practically every shot...he's looking faster and faster...

- Silfverberg is big, broad and looks ready to go...let's see what Alf says?

- "Mika" as advertised!

- The Texas Cowboy looks like a Canadian Wrangler!

- Wiercioch knows how to do the drills I don't think he moved 10ft in 30 minutes...this is a compliment, the man knows the game!

- Rundblad looks like EriK's big brother.

- Borowieki made the coaching staff look kid's size in comparison.

- O'Conner, nice size for a goalie, he looked and moved like Cesare Maniago!

- One thing about having all "head" coaches they know how to stay out of the way.

Note to AJ...clearly you never saw Marcel Dion play, he was better than Gilmore, better than most...if he and Charlie had played in the East you would have thought they were Linsay and Howe...

Friday, June 24, 2011

One heck of a First Round!


Good job to Brian Murray, Piere Dorion and Tim Murray!

We like the "Persian Prince", the "Texas Bull Rider" and a Peterborough Pete, who can score!

Detroit can have their No. 30's type picks.

Round two coming up!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dave Cameron...Mark Reeves...

- Two Head Coaches as assistants...an associate Head Coach as the HEAD Coach...all former NHL forwards and all almost my age...it might work!

- Pierre Dorian (Brian Murray) will pick sixth...

- Free Agents, I'd only go 1.5 to 2 mill but if nothing is happening early Brian should for the sake of the fans and the gate think seriously of a (UFA) Todd White, a Fiddler or someone of their ilk for one season only, it would be worth the money!

- There is only one bad contract to start the year, we all know who that is, I'd give him to Europe, pay the difference.

- Our luck, in more ways than one, this is not a big draft year!

- when you win the American League no one wants to return the next year they all think they should move up and they are right, it will make for very interesting training camp. Starting from the goalie on out!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Good Day for Hockey!

- Great Rule change on "HEAD SHOTS" but I want to see it in writing!

- Draft Day...I think we should stand pat and just pick 'em as they come to us...skilled forwards all..."Ya don't press the Hockey Gods at the draft!"

- Confucius says: "Drafting young hockey players, it takes skill, luck and feel!"

- Six new kids...that's a lot of hockey people (players)!

- Congrats to the Bruins but they are not repeaters!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Don't say "Four games"...say "You are out for the rest of the Series"!

Mike quit "Pussy footing" around call a Spade a Spade...it was a high hit, late...very late, from the off side three/quarter "blind spot"...on a man looking the other way...a head shot causing severe head trauma!!!

Note: The next Pierre or Glen, who says "put your head on a swivel" gets one "upside of the head!"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stepping down!

Stepping down, stepping away, resigning, make my day. I'm sorry but Colie had to go, he was in a box and it just kept getting smaller!

Shanny save our game...you are just tough enough to pull this off!