Sunday, March 20, 2011

No goalie; no Spezza; no playoffs!

Spezza and a goalie can beat anyone!

So ya draft potential top six forwards till you run out of draft choices.

We think Shannon, not Butler, gets "Rocco" and a big (scoring) Left Winger!

Butts gets Foligno and Alfie to start the season...

9MM starts on the third line with Neil...

Bring up and play every kid we got on DEFENCE to start the season, the vets better be ready to rock 'n roll at Training Camp...

Gee, sign Anderson, spend for that one big "Free Agent" and let's go watch the Sens next year!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember Johnny Rougeau!

This hit, "the HIT", immediately reminded me of that terrible night in the Montreal Forum when 'Yukon Eric" took Johnny Rougeau from one side of the ring to the other and run his head into the turn buckle and off the ring was a mistake...neither guy was the same after, Eric turned chicken and Johnny was never quite right in the head. "WrAssling" took that move out of their game!

Chara didn't mean to hurt him like "that" but he did mean to squash him. Big "Z" is too big for 90% of the guys in the league, he can squash people on demand. He didn't figure on the turn buckle or how (fear) fast Max Pacioretty was going (the guy was racing for his life)!

Chara's a star, he gets nothing (as per Pronger et al) but it better bring a "Head Shot" Rule Change or Max's career will have been for not!

Why Daily instead of Campbell?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I want a tryout!

Even I could play defence in front of Anderson, the guy is "rock solid"!

Bryan, ya gotta sign this guy...ya gotta pay him and keep him!

Memo to Coach's OK to win a couple but enough is enough!

Boys, I'm telling ya, Nick Foligno will cary our second line!

Butler is goin' to catch a few goalers, the hot shots with the fast trappers, napping next year!

"Rocco" loves his new job!

Phillips' stress is completely gone!

Even Gonchar is not quiting on the puck anymore because he knows his goalie will make the stop!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That's OK!

- We gave the Bruins all they wanted and more.

- Get Anderson out of the net and give him his $6 mill for two years!

- "Rocco" had one of "those" tonight but he's really givin' 'er!

- Get "EriK" away from Kuba they are jinxed!

- Phillips isn't playin' much better but the stress has left his game.

- Zach is the only guy not afraid of Chara.

- Ya forget how good Kaberle is on the PP Point!

- Butler finds out where Rocco is playing summer hockey and helps pick their Left Winger for next year.

- McElhinney gets the Thrash!