Thursday, December 31, 2009

2 Points!

We don't disagree with benching Alexandre Picard but remember you are replacing a 40 game defencemen, who is even with a rookie liability @ -13, also as good as Campy is playing he does not cover for Carks as well as #45 or provide the speed and positioning #39 requires.

To out "shoot-out" the Islanders is something...I attribute it to Kovy's skill and status...he makes us feel like we are "Big Time!"

We love Saint-Pascal and he won another for us tonight but if he has a "Tighter" game he's gotta bring it!

CiCi...hurt Kuba's feelings...ya gotta get him off the Power Play...he's lost his offencive confidence and it shows!

Because Kovy goes we all go backwards...I'm not sure we should go back through our points as much as we do routinely in the offencive zone and on the rush.

PS: Ottawa Senator's first NHL game January 1910 (100 years ago). No wonder Tranna hates us we had guys like Gilmore, Pulford, Clancy, Howe, Art Ross and won the Stanley Cup in 1910/11 years ahead of the Leafs!

To Rob in Kanata!

Earlier in the season, I thought that we had established that you had one of the weakest hockey minds in Ottawa. But your drivel and inaccurate comments are back!!!

It's Mr. or Bryan Murray to &*^$#@(!

You have no money, CAP or players to trade enough already with your fantasy trades!

Do you realy know the difference between an AHL Roster and the Sens...we are holding our own with out our "Captain and our #1 center you dolt!

Your 5th Defenceman, Alexandre Picard, is holding his own after 40 games, far exceeding go to move him now and ya got the whole league waitin' to kick your arse in a trade!

So to you and that other Anonymous know it all, just STFU unless you have something constructive to add!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good effort...too little!

Goal tending, defence, speed and skill is tough to beat...the kids are just plain good!

Loose early, since when did we get so good that we can start each game like this!

St-Pascal got out played.

Shannon likes Kovy! So do we!

Foligno looks good.

Tough night for #45!

Once a game Cheech hangs a point man with that late, tight to the wall, roller...he got Campy and Picard tonight! And then cannot get back to catch the third trailer.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A chance to balance the attack!

We'd like to see...

#26; #43; #27

#9; #12; #25

#73; #22; #71

#10; #18; #41

But CiCi is stuck playing Cheech and Foligno higher in the pecking order!

You non believers should be collectively kissing Alexandre Picard's and Matt Karkner's arse because between the two of them they have saved a very shaky SENS DEFENCE in the first half the season when neither one was expected to crack this line up!

Campy just high lights the "Pup's" short comings.

We get out smarted by the Western Teams in that we try to adjust to them...let's just go out and take it to 'em!

"Zebra Mgmt!" Take Two!

Big victory...we deserved to win...Ottawa needed that!

How do you think the Habs fans feel today?? I counted our usual 6 grievous infractions for the game.

The Refs, playing good cop bad guy (Frazer) is "Stink a poo jodhpurs" and yes, he tried to sh&t the bed! Frazer with his TV make up and "Big Hair" hockey helmet looks not a day under 65, looked pretty forlorn under the "Hot Lights" and the direct scorn of our #25!

It used to be the Officials would have to manage or be allowed to manage the odd game...for example when Vancouver had a bad team and the Visitors were sent streaming to the box in typical "Homer Coast League fashion". Note: This has been going on for a hundred years, my dad who played out there years ago, in the old Western Pro League, told me it was on account of the "Silver Seven" shellacking the Millionaires and he was serious.

But to the case at hand, this major involvement of the Refs in the out come of every game has gone too far. They are wrecking it for everybody. It only takes one bad penalty call, one bad goal call, you don't have to freeze the Montreal power play totally, they would have been stone cold was Ottawa's PP supposed to perform being shut out completely game after game...and these late in the game meaningless penalties to balance the stat sheet drive me they think we are that stupid...I guess they do.

So to Mr. Frazer and your colleagues, you guys are officially warned...the honeymoon is over...we shall be relentless...because as we have seen in Montreal they don't even complain and you continue to sh&t on them anyway!

Post Script: a good Boston/Tampa game ruined by McCauley/Van Massenhoven see Jesse Connolly...maybe it's our Division excludung the Leafs?

Monday, December 28, 2009

I smell "Zebra Mgmt!"

Over heard in a "Hard Drinkin'" bar in downtown Tranna...Nico was not there..."If we have to cave on "Head Shots" then I want total management of the games!" Author unknown.

What gives? Leafs are up 3-2 in the 3rd period on a Sunday Night in Pittsburgh and pick up the only two Power Plays and the badly needed road win! I smell " Zebra Mgmt!"

You know the Hab's Power Play is going to get a good, long, repeated work out against us because the same bulletin that was sent to Pittsburgh was sent to Ottawa...Jacques Martin, at Carleton yesterday is practicing the PP when they should have been working on 5 on 5...they are supposed to be on the road.

History repeats...about this time last year the Canadiens needing a win bad go into MSG and set a record vs Rangers (it never happened before) getting 4 unanswered PPs culminating in a 5 on 3 in the third period with a goal for a 2- 0 margin...only #6 Wade Redden and Glen Sather knew what was going on!

You know "Zebra Mgmt" is going to get this 3 pointer to a Shoot will not matter if we are up 4 after 2 periods! "But Kovy is ready for 'em!"... Spelled Kovy with a "Y" because that's the way the Montreal Blogs spell it (And they were first) and they are the ones who should be scared!

As mentioned after the last game against us, Halak is better than's time to stick a pin in his bubble...dirty goals...a bad goal...will do it every time.

We have our French Canadien Goal Tender back again...the "Hex" switches!

These guys are no better than us...let's just skate 'em into the ice! Same line up...same pairings and lines!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It wasn't meant to be this way!!

The teams that win the shoot outs are going to make the play offs the teams that don't aren't.

This is not news but I cannot get over how painfully obvious it now is to every one, even the League types. At least before they had plausible denial.

Alex Kovalev is well on his way to earning us a play off spot with shoot out goals...for an old Sens' fan this is pure gold!

It's never a bad play to shoot the puck on the net, it may not be the best play but it's never a bad one! Harry Neale and I are the same era! Just keep on keeping on...sooner or later you keep out shooting your opponent, you are going to beat him!

Once played on a team that had of the best teams I ever played on!

St-Pascal is the first guy we have had for a while, where the other guys look at our net and say: "We could be in for a very long night!"

Important two points...Jason and Alf or no Jason and Alf, I don't remember everything being so life and death at the 40 game mark...and it truly is!

Finally, the $64,000.00 Question (and for you guys that mess that up every time that was the correct title/amount of the show)? What do we do with Erik "Special K" Karlsson? Bingo for another 12 games if he will go? Note: If I were him and had my drothers I wouldn't go either.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here 's the way I'd play 'em!

#9; #12; #27

#73; #22; #25

#26; #43; #18

#41; #10; #44

But CiCi will go with

#9; #12; #27

#73; #22; #41

#26; #43; #25

#10; #18; #44

Note: the trouble with Buffalo they play 4 lines so all our guys gotta play!

"We are going to make a game of this!"

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Observations because nobody watches for themselves anymore they just take someone else's word for what went on!

Last night I observed the dismantling of a professional hockey team!

Through injury, being out played by a superior opponent and Zebra MGMT!

Nick Kypreos could be/is the stupidest ex pro on TV. He is not only a Neanderthal , he thinks he's a fence sitting politician, speaking on behalf of the Front Office. Him and Pierre, what a way to lose the coverage at the Olympics! Monday morning (before the fall) he and Bob McCown are congratuating each other on how they turned the Leafs around and were going to make the Play Offs...Nico was serious...I think the man suffers "Delusions of Grandeur!"

And for all you Don Chery types...wake's 2010 not 1967... when you can hit a guy through his shoulder from the blind side hard enough to seriously wrench his shoulder, jar his head, knock his hat off and give him a standing concussion...that's a "Head Shot!"

And this "Head Down" bullsh&t, the man is in a puck fight in the corner with another player and this big "tough" guy hammers him from the blind side!

By the way...Nico, before you tell me I'm are wrong, man, "Dead" wrong!

I don't think anyone has ever had over forty shots on goal in an NHL hockey game and lost 8-2.

We have had a way too much big money in the Infirmary for the whole first half of the season...#17; #24, #19, #27, #25, and now the's usually a sign you are too old and beat up!

Sens hockey is getting very tough to watch!

Note: It must be weird for the big kids coming out of Junior... "Wow!"...Head Shots I can half kill someone and "get away with it!"...and...the Canadian players good enough to play Internationally thinking "I better put the "High Hits" (the Head Shots) in the closet till after the Tournament!

Monday, December 21, 2009


We get a full house and we throw that at 'em...

Two evenly matched teams battle for two periods even but we commit three grievious infractions and the Big Bad Bruins play a perfect game according to these two Zebras! Man that's getting hard to watch.

Our Big Money can't score!

The pressure on your goalie when ya can't score is unbelievable.

We need St-Pascal for a status change!

Every other team in the League is allowed to interfere on the "Here they come!" rush except Chris Phillips and they call him every time!

Cheech didn't hold up his end on the big line tonight!

The "Pup" cannot take any more shifts in play three pretty reasonable shifts then a turn over...or a complete missed assignment...Note: #65 does not retreat to the front of his own net very well leaves Kuba alone on the island all the time!

Pic missed one tonight, if you are going to stay up and play high, you have to realize the danger and do something while you are there...

People don't realize how effective Chara is...he cowed not one but both our so called scoring forward lines tonight...

Note: To this point I don't see anyone in the East that when we have our full team that we can't stay with in a fair fight (Fair Refereeing). Sooner or later we shall learn the value of the Power Play and take advantage...

Note II: Often when you commit an uncalled infraction...wipe a guy out and trap three forwards you go down to the other end and score!

Note III: Penalties assessed to Boston, vs Toronto 6 all roughing and tripping; vs Chicago 2 but the Hawks only had one; vs Philly 5...this is a very tough bunch...they come to Ottawa what gives?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Big Ask!

Four days ago I asked for a goal from a DEFENCEMAN and got four (4) of them!

For Boston and in order to rattle that Thomas cat and no doubt he'll be in there, we need not just one but one each from Winchester and Regin...

Cross Bar...Ya don't play the back up's back up back to back...Brian Elliott has lost twice to Thomas in a shoot out 4-3 and deserves his chance @ vindication...notice how no one talks about how in the old days (last year) our Ottawa goal tenders would get routinely shellacked by the Bruins.

Marty Brodeur says "They are quicker than I thought!" (Talking about us!)

Boston knows we out skated 'em twice but that's no reason why we can't just skate 'em into the ice tonight!

Believe it or not it opens up the point shots and the winger coming late as their forwards over commit on the back check.

Mr. Ice Maker...we want good ice tonight...the "Parkay floor" Bruins might as well be the Ducks for that crap they have to play on game in game out!

Keep playing the "Pup" with Alfie as #65 tells Hugo he has to take care of all of the Alfredssons.

Carks, ya don't fight these mugwumps have nothing to prove...later on in the new year when we have Neil back I'll go fetch "Yabs" for a game and we'll have it out!

CiCi if you can work it out Picard and Carkner should be out their against Boston's secret (Bergereon's) second's their catalyst!

Friday, December 18, 2009


For a hundred years, back up goalies have been getting skinned on the road...just look at the game in Buffalo tonight...enough said!

Elliott comes back again tomorrow night...he will beat those guys with no equipment!

Alexandre Picard the 3rd star richly deserved!

Philippé has lost his offencive "feel"...even when he has a shot on net he does not look dangerous...go with 4 forwards...give Campy or Picard a shot at the first power play!

Kelly and Ruutu our two best forwards for the third straight game.

Where is our "Big Money" with the exception of Fish the rest of 'em are on Christmas vacation!

What good is out shooting your opponent night after night if you have no top six forwards who can score!

To all our penalty killers...if you are going to screen your goalie you are taking the responsibility to block the shot!

Brodeur may or may not be the best but he's too good for us @ home in Jersey! #1030!

PS: Happy 65th Schreibs! The "Voice" marches on!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wilson Street...a tough sell!

3 Wins in 4 games, two shut outs, including shutting down the first place Buffalo Sabres in a crutial 4 pointer (game 1 without Jason) and Wilson Street give him the second star?? Boys, this is not Toronto you committed a bad hockey "Faux Pas!"

SENS needing a goal from a DEFENCEMAN "big time" and not only does Pic get the winner but should have got a helper for the second goal...he is the only D-man we have who will go all the way to the net! Wilson Street starts talking fluke...could not even give him an honourable mention...if you hadn't noticed our big money was stymied at the time. Nice game Alex!

Winnie was just OK...timing is everything!

Leave Campy on the 4th line, he is interesting to watch and pretty effective.

Ryan Shannon..."Fear strikes out!"

To Hugo's Pup, you're wearing out old Kuba, but both you guys were good tonight.

I liked Ruutu's game tonight...Alf embellished one but friggin' Roy draws one every game so at least tonight they evened out!

Kelly out worked everyone and deserved to score that goal he was the only one to deke Miller all game.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gord Wilson = Howie Meeker!

Howie Meeker won the "Calder Trophy" for rookie of the Year in the National Hockey League. He wrote the first "how to" for hockey coaches but what he forgot was that two of his centers, the guys who carried him, were Syl Apps and Teeder Kennedy and this scewed the book.

As time went on his Hockey Night in Canada criticisms of guys he thought were lessor players became so tough and questionable the players had him removed by word of mouth as their union was nowhere at that time!

Now we are not suggesting the removal of anyone...but Gord your criticism of Brian Elliott over the last ten games has been a way over the top and the people on "Wilson Street" have been letting you continue with the exception of Eastie. That BS tonight about deflected shots has got to stop.

It is my opinion that you along with Pierre McGuire and Central Scouting misjudged Brian and you are too obstinate to admit you were wrong. Thus you have been constantly increasing your criticism of Elliott since they brought him up last year!

PS: While I'm at it Yorkie get off the fence...take a side...have an opinion...remember you're the!

Monday, December 14, 2009


1. Rough game for Mr. Elliott...but when the Radio guy, who thinks he's a goal tender, starts to blame deflections on the goalie, it's time for a new Goal Tender Analyst! Wake up and listen to yourself!

2. First goal, Pic if you are going to pinch have a look at who is going to try and cover for you.

3. Our "Own end high" coverage is brutal...especially on the winning goal...#41 just play your position.

4. First time I ever saw Alf just leave a puck for a Tranna guy!

5. Carkner's fightin' screws up the pairings big time! Also seems to draw him down mentally...have a look for that net hanger Kessel!

6. "Big" Nick Foligno was my first star tonight!

7. Philippé is getting worse by the game.


The secret to beating these up starts is TRANSITION!

Offencive Zone Time has been the Leafs' forté of late but does not mean they are entitled to it!

As GN was saying get on 'em and get the puck out and we should take it a step further and transition cleanly, counter attacking with odd man rushes. Believe it or not, if sucessful this evolves to our Blue Line and their Blue Line and then the Leafs are done because Kaberle and his group cannot defend their own zone!

We all like Aaron Ward but we don't want him...he is the wrong guy at the wrong time...does not fit us right now!

We are going with the speed, energy and mistakes of our young guys...they are coming along better than expected!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Halak is better than Price.

How do you lose to a team that has 2 goalies and nothing else?

Our Power Play is the only one in the league that does not shoot from the center of the ice on the point shot! Oh for 7!

Stop shooting wide...we are not gifted enough to tip them so we might as well put it on the net...#17.

Philippé is not as gifted offencively as we think...

Phillips is burnt mentally...he is playing too much. We are too fragile...can't seem to come back from any bad break!

45 shots and the same number of scoring chances as Montreal...what gives?

CiCi...8th Too many Men is too many! (your "Honda Racing" mind!)

Volchy likes that shooter too much he can't give him up to the goalie even when it's the correct play!

Believe it or not we need a goal from a DEFENCEMAN!

Elliott was fine...but ya need a French Canadien goal tender to beat the psychs them out!

I think we are a coach short...we need a special teams "Specialist"

Hey "Crossbar" this is a "Big" game!

1. This is the "Habs" a big game and once again you are clouding the issue...this is Kovy vs Montreal!! This has nothing to do with what you think or your opinion!

2. Kovy said and I quote: "If"...Eugene is pointing to me!

3. Everyone else talks in generalities, AK was for sure and you go to specifics and you are wrong most of the time!

4.You are wrong about Alexandre Picard.

5. You were wrong about Brian Elliott last season.

6. You are like the old fish wife...when it's goin' good your with us all the way but when it turns bad you attack the defenceless...subject to the current rumour around the team!

7. The reason you are wrong a lot is you are the games for yourself...have an original thought!