Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Puck Daddy...take two!

Puck Daddy... I shall make you a "Gentleman's Bet" of a formal apology if the SENs don't finish 7th or better and ahead of both the Habs and Toronto.

Your staff...those bums...those chumps...should be relieved of their duties so that they can get to the rink to see the odd game. They're missing some fine hockey.

I had been told that you guys were the "Nuts" now I think it's gone to your collective head.

PS: I shall countenance no more false corrections!

Brian Lee will be back!

Ladies and Gentlemen...this is the Show. Senator's MGMT does not tinker with, bamboozle or trade NHL ready DEFENCEMEN. (We hope.)

1) The SENs have had two older guys hurt in the pre-season.

2) Matt Carkner will play himself to the wing after the Leaf game.

3) In the NHL... forwards walk the plank before DEFENCEMEN...#10 to coach and #18 to the wire and on to Bingo.

4)Brian Lee @$1.275 new and improved will be back and Alexandre Picard @.8, who will be rock solid and simply "Dazzle" the so called experts and they shall be covered off by the IR on the CAP.

5) DEFENCEMEN are like the King's ("Roy"#33) Guard, they are pieces of gold...keep 'em around you, don't spend 'em! Sun Szu.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yorkie's X's and O's?

Jason, I know we played in different leagues and in a different era BUT...

1) Your top line and top (1st) pair draws the opponent's checkers and shut down pair.

2) Your checkers and 2nd or shut down pair draws their big line.

3) Your 3rd pair plays against their 2nd line, normally on good teams a pretty good offencive line. These guys are average size...that's why they are the second line.

4) Everyone, all D-men face the "Bangers" about once a game cause they only play 6 minutes.

Note: Alex Picard is going to surprise even you...excluding the Punchman, Alexandre is the most powerfull D-man we have and @ 24 years of age he is just maturing into his full size and will start to knock some heads...he is a big tough Picard, he has a standard to live up to.

PS: I know you played with Chara and that scews everything some what but the "Big Z" doesn't play here anymore!

Steve Lloyd...Broadcaster

Lloydy stop trying to masquerade as an analyst, I know you played for the Carleton Place "C" Dogs but give us all a break, you are best when you are parroting some one else's observation.

1) If you out play everyone at camp ya don't get sent down. Money or no money!

2) You have never seen let alone played with a positional player as good as Picard, he will be in the line up and playing for game three vs the Islanders.

3)Broadcasters are supposed to report the facts...not opinions!

Losing the "Half Step!"

If you have played hockey seriously into your thirties you have undoubtedly experienced the loss of the "Half Step".

At 22 years of age you are the fastest man on the ice...

In to your late 20's , you start to lose and regain the "Half Step".

Injury can cause the permanent loss of the "Half Step".

The difference of the "Half Step" is the difference between the "A" and the SHOW!

The "Half Step" for the goal tenders is in their reaction time!

Should you lose a full step it's're gone!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yorkie is playing too much fall golf!

Jason if you are going to comment on training camp performances ya gotta watch some of it.

As a golfer I know that fall golf...rain golf is murder on your eyes especially a man your age.

From personal experience I know that you throw a nice meal and a beer on top of a competetive golf game... the old peepers are not ready for a hockey match on TV ...they're ready for bed.

For you to say Lee has out played anyone let alone Alexandre Picard is not accurate nor is it fair. As an old pro you must know that giving Brian Lee the last two games to show something was: 1)to up grade his performance...and 2) to placate him some what when they send him down. #55's CAP hit 1.275mill.

Note: the holding out of Picard in the late games was a vindication of his proven worth.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Line that got away!

No ifs, ands or buts the best line @Training Camp was #71 Foligno, #43 Regin and #12 Fisher call them Second Line or Third it doesn't matter.

Now because of politics and/or money they will not get a chance together in the foreseeable future. The Caboose will require considerable leg strength to pull it. #41 must not be allowed to fail and fall from the top six at this time so to shield Bryan and Jonathon from this exposure, Cheechoo simply will not be placed in that position at this time!

The task of human engine, for our caboose, will fall to the robust derrieres and powerfull legs of Fish and the "Rookie" Regin. They shall be a team of work horses for a lot of games to come, carying many a lessor endowed team mate along the way!

Note: the task of not so much pulling but placing yourself in the positional track for Kovy will intially fall to Ryan Shannon and Nick Foligno. Alas by November Alf shall be ripped from Jason's line and placed with #26 and #71 because Danial can play anywhere and Kovy can't!

Hockey fights!

"When your enemy is stronger...larger...maneuver away to fight another day". Sun Tzu

Should your enemy start the fight with his stick between your legs, giving you a rather large thrust to the jewells...keep your stick and fall straight down faking serious injury because initially you don't know how bad you are hurt. Even if you are not the smaller man you are in no position to go on the offencive. Example: Chris Neil's opening left hook was countered by a "Cork screw" of the stick between his legs and left him vulnerable to the counter attack. Now if you are in against that "2nd biggest of Bruins" (fight wise) it is complete suiside.. Chris could have been knocked off stride and "Cold cocked" as was the case.

Now to continue to stand up with this man, no matter how galent, after taking a shot in the balls and a straight right to the eye, was tempting death or serious head trauma.

Alexandre Picard...take 3

There is the make believe Picard, Jean-Luc , of Star Trek

Then there is the famous old Parisian French family that pre-dates the "French Revolution".

There was also a strain of English Picards from Edenburg and the battle of Hastings, these two families came together to produce Emil Picard, a world class mathmatician, who gave us the Algebraic Geometry for "Elasticity".

This brings us to the Picards of Quebec, who were lumber jacks and "Coureur de bois"...big tough men with the Picard brain.

There has been one or more Picards playing in the National Hockey League since the 1920s, all good big men, smart, tough, powerfull.

Lets keep ours!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My mom was not a Hockey Mom!

My mom was not a Hockey Mom, she was a skater (in those days you didn't say "Fancy " skater). She had a brother, who had a cup of coffee with the New York Americans and my God Father , who was a big tough City League Defenceman...she told me...her and her sister (my Aunt) were the two best Hockey Players in the family.

One night, and she only ever did it once, she didn't like the way my coach was using me so she came down out of the stands at the old Auditorium, told my coach (who was a fair chunk of a lad) that if he didn't put me on the ice with #2 he would find himself out on the ice face down. Note: There was no barrier between the coach and the box seats in those days.

Of course I couldn't look I thought she was goin' to give him one. I think I played like 12 minutes in the third period. It was cool cause people didn't do that in those not so much.

Never under estimate Mom never walk alone!

"Les Voici" Here they are!

In the Net...Pascal "Roy" the King #33

First Pair...the "Pup" and Philippé

Second the Shut Down Pair...Philly and the "A" Train

Third Pair... Campy and the "Punchman!"

Our Captain; the Tranna Play Maker and the Speed Merchant

The Point man; the Sudbury Hardrock and Kovy

Fish; the "Rookie" and the "Caboose"

The Penalty Killer; the Pest and our "Light Heavy Weight Champion"

The Big German walks "Free"

Lee two ways to Northern New York

Picard is a Black Ace to start

Zack gets Binghamton Time

Chum starts his coaching career

And...and I just talked to Bingo...Yabs would love to join Carkner for the Toronto game...the Limo is on me...I'll drive...can Cheechoo fight???

Friday, September 25, 2009

Let's get to the "Cuts!"

One way or the other let's quit screwing around and make the final cuts.

Part of the reason we are not gelling is that it's the last game of pre-season and we still have 4-5 extra players hanging around.

The Eastern Conference is getting tougher and we are not! Chris Neil is going to get seriously hurt fighting the "Big Fellas". He is a slow light heavy throwing off a bad knee!...and he likes to stay up and take it!

Brian Lee if you are going to slow down and let the attacker have the puck in the corner ya gotta at least pin the guy on the boards...ya can't let him come out with the puck!

Carkner gets the opener and Toronto with Campy! (I'd bring up Yabs but they wont!)

The "Caboose" done!

Alf has to tell Milan it's "Showtime!" This is hockey country everyone knows when you float!

Kovy gets #43 and #71 whether he likes it or not.

CC tell 'em if you are not scoring..."Quit farting around with the puck and shoot!"

Note: Watch the PUP he knows what to do!

The "Call".

Eugene Melnyk to Mr. Bryan Murray..."Bryan please respond to me immediately!"

Collect call from Bryan Murray, in Ottawa do you accept the charges?

"Good morning Bryan" greets Mr. Melnyk "Coach I have just a couple questions this morning."

Pause... "Brian, why are we offering to trade or move not one but two of our DEFENCEMEN when some of our older D-men can't even make it out of training camp...I mean I've had these guys to the Ranch...some of 'em can hardly walk let alone ride a horse or skate...and another thing... expensive load some of that 4th Line you're making me look bad at the B of G meetings... some of those guys think we are doing it on purpose and trying to have the biggest "Actual" Salary in the League...OH, gotta go, got another call!"

Full Marks to the "Edgers!"

Well done! Nice coverage...I don't like this line up but at least I know who's playing.

Thanks to everyone from the Head of Publicity (Propaganda) to the men at the rink to the "Over the Edgers!" Great way to end the Pre-season!

Media Test...Media Test!

As soon as the players leave the ice from their pre-game "morning" skate I want the Team 1200 guys reporting to me who I am going to watch play DEFENCE against Boston tonight. Don' not cloud the issue with stuff we know for sure like the Goalie or the forward lines until you have clearly given the defence excuses...a projection if shall be graded on your final pre-game performance.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alex Picard...take Two!

Alexandre Picard 6'2" and 210; really is 6'2" and 210lbs...24 years old. That's big meat on our blue line, he is just maturing into his strength...a powerfull man...maybe our most powerfull.

He can run, with Chris Campoli, your second power play...he can set it up, make a pass, ya know what I mean the man can play his position. It's been so long since we had a "D"-man who plays well positionally, we don't recognize it! I'd like to bring him to your "BeerLeague" practice for a little up close!

When our big DEFENCE arrives, in a year or so...Picard will be for us what Beauchemin was to the Ducks.

PS: Just for your information and edification our older men are falling apart!

Ya can't have too many DEFENCEMEN!

As I advocated at the Draft and as in any team situation...Ya can't have too many DEFENCEMEN!

Kuba misses tomorow night lower body...Volchy the other night; our smaller men play big but it's murder on the body!

Our MGMT Team may have to re-think our only 21 rule...the way we are structured D-man wise, I would roll through 7 guys and cary Carkner as the swing man forward. The presence of Lee and Carkner up with big club will also foster some good internal competition.

This is tough to admit...because we are so old and small on D we shall incur our share of "man games lost"!

PS: That's why a big, young buck like Alexandre Picard is so valuable...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vegas' Bookmakers don't know hockey!!!


A few years back when I was connected...our Ottawa Book Makers would go to Reno and play the Vegas hockey man up close for about a week...and hurt him so bad it took him the full year to recover...nothing has changed...they rely on NYNY for their expertise...good but not as good as ours.

As I used to say when people would ask..."Keep taking those odds until they go under the 9 hole and don't be afraid to hurt him!"

I repeat my advice to you tonight!

Mr. Campoli speaks!

"Greg...Mr. Carvel...can I see you in your office before practice." asks Chris Campoli

Coach Carvel responds: "Campy you know I don't have an office so WTF do you want?"

Chris maintaining a straight face: "'s the gaff...I go 5 hole for the opener with #45 our best technician beside me in the six Tranna "Knuckles" Carkner says he's ready for 'em at the Air Canada Center...and finally me and AL start vs the Islanders, to show 'em the show!"

Carvel says "Campy you get caught in CC's office again and I can't get you off the hook this time!"


To CC:

If you are going to compress the top 3 lines...go all the way!



But why piss around like this...for the first time in SENs history ya got 3 lines that can score some and four strong lines. Make Kovy earn his me he can do it!





We have never ever had depth like this...enjoy! Anyone could coach these get the hell out of the way and let 'em run!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Puck Daddy picks us "Eleventh!"

Puck Daddy, with a lot of outside advice, picks us, the SENS, eleventh; assisted by the 6th Sens. WTF were you thinking Tim? Graeme were you guys drinking that morning?

Puck Daddy is handicapped because he has absolutely no personal power of observation and like McGuire, bases his picks on someone else's hearsay.

Ya gotta look at what is going on at the training camps...we are going to have three home growns make our starting roster. Other GMs are completing their teams with East Coast Leaguers or they are so bloated they are giving away "Kessels".

Give the SENS MGMT TEAM their due, they are the best in the East, they have only one minor problem left (#41). Burkie's a joke...ya build with picks ya jerk...Chiarelli is too smart by half...Gainey has gone over the wall...D'Arcy is good manager no resourses.

Boys...if the "Stud" combo (The PUNCHMAN and the PUP) works were in second place in the East...if they blow we still finish 7th. And ya ,you can "Book it!"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

He shoots...he scores!!

Pascal has never seen a DEFENCE like ours, with the exception of #24, our D-men turn and stick battle with the attacking forwards have you ever seen the like of it! Guys this is the NHL not JR. "A"!


Fish shooting, on the net and scoring! Nothing like seeing an example.

The PUP's a keeper! He doesn't screw around shoot, shoot again...get the puck shoot again.

#17 in those funny places again...get to your point and play your position! You better not let my PUP down or you are going to hear from me!! An observation Philippé does not spend enough time in front of his own net defending...he's either leaving to go behind the net or going up ice early!

We are being treated to flashes of "Big Time Goaltending"!

Who walks the plank to keep Cheechoo this will be gut wrenching.

Want to see me hit the "Post"!

In the fifties the goal posts went from very small to bigger than they are today. Some hot shot brain deader pro (Andy Bathgate an extremely accurate shot!) decided to show off for his peers and hit like 8 out of 10 posts in a row in rapid fire.

It caught on...I have to admit I used to practice trying to hit both posts and the cross bar with three shots. I don't think it really effected me but I do remember starting to pick up posts in my shootin' eye in the games.

Come forward a generation (or two) and the posts are marginally smaller but the posts hit and the shots just high and wide are unbelievable. In my day Fish would have been benched last year and sent to the Hand Eye Doctor...that's the meanest coach on staff and... "OK BOY, lets shoot a few!" Try shootin' a hundred shots. If you miss one you start over!

So in practice ban any of this post shootin'...take the mesh off the net...this makes you move your target more central and posts hit are fined!

In Atom the players used to call me the "Russian" or the" MAD Russian" I was just the helper who got up and ran the 6am practice for them with all the old fashion drills not in their play book...

One everyone liked...take as much time as you needed but cary the puck the full length of the ice and get a good shot on deken and a post or wide cost you a trip all the way to the other end!

Years later those guys would tell me it was their favourite a lot of coaches lay claim to it...hey that's OK...just don't let 'em hit the post!

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Ifs!" 2nd Place or 9th!

If Ryan Shannon can cary our second line from the "Center" position and "Erik" makes the team and runs the Power Play, we got a second place club. People will laugh at our "highest paid 3rd line ever in the history of the NHL" but they will absolutely dominate from that position...something like what the Ducks checking line did to us in the SCFs of 07.

However if Fish is forced into his old role and Philippé and Lee have to try and run the Power Play we're 9th and failing!

Note: If Carlsson can some how stay with the Big Club it puts the DEFENCE back into the Correct Order of Peck...#4 and #24 together. Mr. Kuba as a 2 in the top pair and not trying to be a #1 which he isn't... etc...etc...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heater is gone...the "tail" of 5 pussies!

Pussy #1...Cory Clouston should have been a pussy intrim coach and was not!

Pussy #2... The Lady in the Restaurant , a real nice pussy, who should not have been there, but was.

Pussy #3... The gf, a real tough pussy, who just wanted to blow this town!

Pussy #4... "Heatley", himself, who should not have been a pussy, but turned out to be a "Big gutless Tom Cat"...who acted like a pussy on the way out!

And finally...

Pussy #5... Bryan, who played so well all summer, caved in like a pussy at the very end!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goalie Equipment...same old problem!

1956 the room, Boston's, I am sitting on the knee and top edge of Terry Sawchuk's "Box Pad"they bearly come over his knee, his hockey pants are tapered to pinch at his knee (the style), his square blocker is marginally larger than a reguler hockey glove, his trapper and remember he's the best in the league...maybe the best ever at catching the puck is about the same size as mine and I am a nine year old first sacker in Little League.

The problem...Glen Hall, the man who has displaced him in Detroit, is one of the first butterfly goalies, his goal pads are much larger in width and go way up beyond his knee, his blocker is larger, his trapper is huge by the standard of the day and his hockey pants are a size maybe two too large (the butterfly).

Because Hall is playing so well and every kid in hockey is imitating him, the veteran goal tenders ask for a those days you simply asked the referee (there was only one and he ran the game.) to include your question on the game sheet...50 years later we are still waiting for the answer?