Saturday, October 8, 2011


When ya get a little bit older your nerves go on you a little bit...except for Alfie...

Still love our 30 something DEFENCEMEN but I would make them wear their  age, 33-35-37, in practice for a week or so to remind them that if you're are going to make their kind of money at their age ya got to try harder than the kids and be better than everyone on the practice and in the games...

Andy, it's time to get pissed off and start to bear take the shooter...nobody is deken ya, you are too center deep, too honest...

DaCOSTA is tougher than I thought...he's good and tough...

Zack has got to play more...Greening, Zack and Neil...

Zee-Bad should watch a couple up top and then go back...don't stunt him at this point...he is going to be a big time player...

Coach Paul, you have only one move left before the home opener, skate the nervousness out of them, PP, PK and then NO PUCK...get 'em mad they are having too much fun...


  1. I still like what I see from Filatov, hard worker and great attitude. DaCosta is great .
    Need the chemistry to come along. Mixed feeling on the Z-master :)

  2. i agree Filatov just needs a bounce, and he will start producing like crazy


  3. To S & P:

    It's time...too many just having a good time just being here...

  4. Nik:

    Right about the "old" defencemen - step it up guys - I thought they were there to "mentor" the young guys - there are no bad students, just bad teachers!

    I think it's a little early for the "bag" skate - after all, sounds like that's what training camp was all about. It's going to take time for the lines to gel; pick your lines, and let em play together for a bunch of games.

    If you want to practice something, it's face-offs. Apart from Knop, we are getting beaten regularly. The "Stash" should know it's all about puck possession.

    Agreed about Z-bad- just one game out of the fire. Give time for the "eyes" to adjust to the "headlights".


  5. JL

    They show case Z-bad at home after a night up top.

    Good play in third periods means tightness or everyone too fresh...keep skatin' 'em...those old Defencemen will loosen up or sit...