Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"What doesn't kill me...makes me stronger!"

"What doesn't kill me...makes me stronger!" EriK Carlsson.

After EriK put OV in the sack the other night his reputation is growing and all the big rushers and puck handlers are going to want a shot to test him, for example, Jagr tonight. But if Carlsson is going to use his speed and finesse 'em he needs more than #17 can provide on the other side. I say give him his old mate Rundblad and throw 'em both in the frying pan and see how they fry. I think we'll be pleasantly surprised.

Note: One thing I know for sure if you are young, talented and interested, the puck bounces for you. If you are old, slow and disinterested the puck bounces through and away from you all night long. Ask Wade Redden.

If while on the ice with our new dynamic duo a forward breaks beyond the dots in his own end or does not come back home far enough before we have the puck or if David is not ready...automatic $100 fine for the Treasury of Lunch Time meetings...


  1. I think the time has come to buy out Kuba. He is a pylon. For anyone that's holding out for trade deadline day: WE WILL GET NOTHING FOR KUBA. We certainly aren't getting anything FROM him.

    Could try waivers, but I doubt anyone will take him. The buy out will give a youngster more big show "practice", AND it will sill help get Ottawa to the minimum payroll. I just can't see any positives coming from keeping him on the ice. And it might even light a fire under Gonchar...

  2. They need to make the cap floor, hence Kuba-saw and Goner aren't going anywhere until the trade deadline, which is also an accounting deadline for salary cap purposes.

  3. Then pick up some salary in a trade for a decent, yet overpaid player like Brian Campbell. Buying a pylon like Kuba means that a chunk of his salary is still on the books, so you don't have to replace the whole thing.

    Waiting until the deadline means they'll have a huge hole in the D for several more months. There will be no return for Kuba at the deadline, so I say buy him out as soon as you can.

    I just don't get hanging onto a bad player to meet the cap. It would make much more sense to overpay a good player.

  4. What do you trade? It will call for one of the prospects the future depends on.

  5. That's a good question Michael. There are always creative solutions to complex problems, and things are rarely as they seem on the surface. That's what the Murray's are getting the big bucks for.

    I could see trading a defensive prospect for an over paid, though solid forward that could help the team for a few years and keep payroll up. Could work with a team that needs D prospects and has lots of forwards and needs to shed salary. Could be win win.

    But again, that's not my job and I don't have access to all the necessary info to make the best choice.