Friday, October 28, 2011

Trouble ahead...

Note: The Toronto Maple Leafs are the only team in the league that can go into MSG for the home opener after the renovation pick up two disallowed goals and the only two minor penalty power plays in the third period to defeat the Blue Shirts of New York...

There shall be a "Home Call" coming Saturday afternoon...

Problems: 1) King Henrik "stunk", that will not happen again.
2) Gaborik demoted to Christenson and out. Big test for our #17/#65 combo.
3) Richards gets Calahan, who thinks he is owed two and Dubinski...the front of the net is where they hang out.
4) Tortorella will say the wrong thing to or about Coach Paul.
5) The ice is/looks like/could be fake ice, it doesn't even sweat right.
6) If we get the Linesman, who puts the puck down on it's edge for the TV Break, the Rangers are playing for the bounce.
Lucky 7) the Ranger DEFENCE is staggering...


  1. Nik:

    What a game! After that act of fiction by AniSIMOV (who should be up for an Academy Award), and the non-MAJOR call on the elbow on Alfie, we once again battle back in the third, to win the game in the shoot-out. Moxie, moxie, moxie.

    The BIG line is hot. The "Smart Newfie" is a tank - can't be moved from in front of the net - allows Jason and MM9 to "snipe". Love how guys are going to the net - I'm sure the "Stash" is behind this.

    Erik - almost 30 minutes. Some beautiful plays. Real power play QB.

    Great hockey to watch. Last year, 4-1 against at beginning of third was "lights out". So far this year, the third has been our best.

    Keep it up boys. (And as you say, Win Baby, Win).


  2. JL

    Fun to watch. They beat a very good goalie today.

    That one call, I feel for ZK28!

  3. 'There shall be a "Home Call" coming Saturday afternoon...'

    A five-minute "Home Call" indeed, and a two-minute non-call.
    Even so, they won. I'll have to get used to Spezza crashing the net.

    All hail The Paulrus.

  4. Michael:

    Alfie has gotta shake this off. We do not need a line up change right now.

    Coach Paul on the PP brought Jason out of the deep corner to the high slot cruise through for the tip "in", it doesn't work all the time but ya gotta give 'em different looks...