Monday, October 31, 2011

The "Salty Daug!"

Caspers, the Salty Daug, is just getting a new bite, a fresh bark in Binghamton, New York.

The "Daug" is not the problem, his wisdom teeth are, he'll be back before you can say the Habs @ Scotia Bank.

But our MGMT Team is having a problem with #21; #16 and #24. Bob Butler will get Alfie's days off and that's it. DaCosta better get back in between his two big horses with some draw help (#28) in his own end and play lights out.

Alfie ain't goin' to Boston, no "Daug", so now ya got a daug's breakfast.

14, 19, 9

71, 24, 21

22, 15, 25

18, 28,16,

7 defencemen maybe...I'd play the Quarterback on the wing,  just for the Boston game...

2, 55

17, 65

5, 4

Our man #41 between the pipes.

"Hey Shanny, the non-call on Alfie's assailant, smells like a Colie Campbell veto...throw that old fart over the rail before you and Rob lose all your status!"


  1. Elbow to the head + concussion = suspension.

    No brainer (no pun intended).

    A reaction/reflex excuse is complete BS.

    "Oh, didn't mean to cross check that guy in the face. I was just reacting..."

    Shanny get your act together man. You started off great, and now you've reverted to the status quo. Where are your balls?

  2. Oman:

    Ranger player + influence of Colie Campbell group = Embarassement of Bryan, Alfie and the SENs. Yuck Shanny!

    Sather called one in a favour and called up Avery, they are in bad shape.

  3. Nik:

    Did you really think we'd get a call from Shanny? He hated us when he was a player (making fun of the post game interviews while riding the exercise bikes - ring a bell?)

    Shanny = Colie = only discipline blatant, "leave me no choice" incidents. Thought it would get better, but we're back to roller derby.

    You better keep your head up Wolski - what goes around ...
    We've got our own Teflon man (#25).


  4. Shanny and Alfie don't get along. At. All.

  5. JL

    Next Ranger game ya dress Carkner, play Konopka with Neil and will not even have to hit anybody, Wolsky will sh*t his hockey pants...

  6. Michael

    Good point, double bias...they really think of Alfie as an Ottawa guy...

    Take it from an old Ottawa guy they, the 100 mile and in GTAers, really don't like us...we have beaten them just often enough to keep those big egos in check!