Sunday, October 23, 2011

Put Mika right back in there!

Don't, do not change a winning starting line up.

For what it's worth we seem to be more effective when we start to mix and match later in the game.

Practice Monday put Mika right back in there between Alfie and Nick. This is the whole idea of keeping him with the big team.

Remind the Head Coach (Coach Paul), that Zack Smith should be playing 3rd line center every shift and being always available for 2nd line duty. But put him back with Condra and Neil for practice, it's good for their offensive touch.

Our PK problems were positioning and are now personnel. #17 he just never seems to get it out until one of their guys falls down. FilippĂ© was  -1 and on for every goal against...

Our big guys are (seem to be) more effective when they come out for second minute of our PP.

Put your stick on the ice and leave it there. Part of being a big pro is knowing how to cary and check with your stick. Watch Detroit, dirtiest stickmen in the game...right on the edge, same with the holding but not quite over...

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