Monday, October 10, 2011

Coach Paul's Home Opener!

Greening; Spezza; Z-bad

Michalek; DaCOSTA; Alfredsson

Foligno; Regin; Neil

Condra; Konopka; Smith

Phillips; Rundblad

Kuba; Karlsson

Cowen; Gonchar


5; 21 and Butts's called 3 head coaches...all old guys...

This could be the end of Filatov and the return of Z-bad accross the water.

The 12 million dollar question (bet)...can 33 (#4), 35 (#17) and 37 (#55) pull our chestnuts out of the fire?  So far it looks like the under.

Andy has got to face the old days we usta say: "He's gotta stop 'em all!"

Note: My 3rd line would have been Foligno/Zack/Filatov...but they were only the most effective 3rd line in pre-season and when you mention that to the coach (Filatov)...well that's the end of that!


  1. Why the end of Filatov ? Why is Lee sitting ? call me confused ..

  2. S

    Nikita, no shots, 2 give aways, 2 for hooking, 12 minutes on the perimetre with the big line it's over...I still like him but it will probably cost him 2 games...and only if he keeps his mouth closed.

  3. Nik:

    If I had my pick, on forward, #71 would sit (-5, no points), and on defence (if you can call it that), #55 (but I know his pay grade is too high - sit out the "cheap guy")


  4. JL

    Leave Nick alone, he's caught in the middle, not gettin' enough ice and when he does get on it's with the wrong guys...what's going to beat Filatov is he's been sent down before so it looks like a safe move for the coaches. I still like the guy...upside...he's one of our few with scoring potential...